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Those who have chosen Project Management as their career path should go for Project Management Professional Certification. This international standard for project managers has excellent scope. It is one of world’s top ten certifications.

Economic downturn has heightened the value of project managers as companies believe that these professionals can help them stay competitive during this hard period. So, they have made PMP a mandatory qualification in many companies. So, if uncertified individuals apply for these posts, their application gets rejected. This is one among the many reasons to get PMP certified.

PMP Eligibility

For getting PMP certification, there are 2 eligibility requirements. These include-

  •   Experience in Project Management
  •  35 hours of Project Management Education

Experience in Project Management

  •  If the candidate has a 4 years degree (bachelors degree or a global equivalent), he or she needs 4500 hrs of experience in project management.
  • If the candidate has a secondary degree (high school diploma or global equivalent), he or she needs 7500 hrs of experience in project management.

The project management experience should be in directing and leading projects. Though PM role is mandatory for applying for the exam, PM designation/title is not. PM role means that the candidate has completely or partly managed a project. He or she should have played the role in team management, client management, vendor management, PMO Executive, etc in any industry, irrelevant of whether it is small, big, technical or non-technical.

PMP Training Modes

PMP training can be obtained in 3 different modes. These include

  •   Classroom Training
  •   Self-learning mode (or the online training)
  •   Instructor-led mode (or the live online training)

Classroom Training

Of the three modes of PMP training, the classroom training is the best for learning as it can substantially increase the chances of your success. The Blue Ocean Academy is the best trainer in this regard in UAE. This leading knowledge empowerment enterprise is built on 18 years of training, 50,000 worldwide alumni, and a global network of multinational partners, prestigious international certifications, and certified trainers.
By taking up the 4 days PMP training offered by this esteemed institute, you will not only get efficiently trained, you will also be awarded the 35 contact hours required to obtain the PMP certification training.

Self-Learning Courses

Self-learning courses are a good option for those self-motivated and self-disciplined individuals. Several  self-learning training courses are available online.

Instructor Led Courses

The instructor led courses are good for those looking for a flexible yet defined training schedule. From the learning perspective, these are better than the self-learning courses, but not as good as classroom courses.

We encourage candidates to take up the PMP certification training from the Blue Ocean Academy to reap the best results!

Register today for Project Management  certification and  training visit : http://www.blueoceanacademy.in/courses/pmp-project-management.html