78 top HR professionals attended workshop

HR workshop

Blue Ocean Academy has conducted a highly educational workshop for HR professionals at Movenpick Hotel Dubai on the topic of "Increasing Measurable Effectiveness of Training and ROI". The workshop was on December 17, 2019, from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Despite it being a working day, 78 HR professionals from different parts of the UAE attended the workshop.

Reputed Entrepreneur, International Speaker, and HR Trainer and Consultant Dr. Samir Parekh was the facilitator of the workshop. He has a fun-filled learning strategy which greatly impressed the audience. The workshop was interactive in nature and the facilitator ensured that each and every participant had a chance to speak.

Samir Parekh gave keen insights on how to leverage their training investments and get maximum value for their budgets. He emphasized the idea that all training modules must have an effective content design and must focus on implementable things rather than a vague theoretical understanding. He also underlined the relevance of recording the feedback of the training to understand its weaknesses and improve its impact.

The attendees received some exercises which allowed them to interact with each other and come up with some novel ideas. Everyone enthusiastically worked in teams and completed the task. The workshop was strictly on the practical learning aspects and
the facilitator insisted that we should implement and not forget all the lessons learned.

The dedication was evident in the participants as some of the busiest professionals, including the HR of Sharjah Airport, made it to the workshop on a weekday. Along with that, we've seen many participants managing their work on their laptops during the break.

The selected attendees received free training vouchers worth AED 1000. When asked about the feedback of the workshop, the participants opined that they were more than happy.

Blue Ocean Training and Consultancy, one of the most popular training institutes in the UAE, conducts several complimentary workshops and seminars around the globe. It is done as part of the institute’s obligation to contribute something back to society. Freshers and professionals at different levels find it an exceptional opportunity to learn valuable lessons from industry experts.

Around 56 complimentary workshops were conducted in 2019 at some of the outstanding venues in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Azerbaijan. Different other plans are also in the pipeline for 2020 as part of the CSR policies of the academy.                                             

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