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Certified International Procurement Professional CIPP Course

This Procurement certification provide an in-depth understanding of the increasingly complex technical aspects of procurement and substantially increase the chances of career progression. Professionals with this qualification often go on to build a rewarding career in their respective industries and attain leadership positions in their organizations.

The CIPP program is designed for all aspiring procurement professionals. It is one of the best-known procurement qualifications in the world that is suitable for individuals who are committed to implementing the best procurement and supply chain practices in their organizations. The CIPP certification validates the Procurement professional’s knowledge and dedication to follow the ethical practices in the industry. It is considered as the yardstick of excellence in the field of procurement. When certified by IPSCMI, the person is well-poised to make a difference in both his career as well as the organization that he works for.

procurement is often mistaken for purchasing. But both are different concepts in terms of the tasks involved and also what they accomplish. While purchasing is a specific function in procurement that aims to buy goods at an affordable price, procurement takes a holistic view of the entire process focusing on preparing a procurement strategy as per the company goals, supplier selection and management and also ensuring sustainable procurement.

Purchasing vs Procurement



Reactive process that focuses on buying goods/services for the company Strategic and proactive process that identifies the needs of the company and the fulfilment of those needs.
Gives more importance to the price of the goods Gives more importance to the value of the goods than the price
Straightforward process of purchasing commodities Involves the steps that happen before, during, and after purchase
Includes ordering, expediting, and payment fulfilment Includes need recognition, sourcing, and contract closure
Transactional–focuses on transactions than vendor relationships Relational–focuses on creating long-term vendor relationships

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Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP) Course Outline: 

Module I: Introduction to Purchasing

  • What is Purchasing
  • Evolution of Purchasing
  • Types of Purchases
  • Understanding Purchasing Functions
  • Purchasing Cycle

Module II: Procure to Pay (P2P)

  • What is P2P
  • The Procure to Pay Process Flow
  • Automation of P2P
  • Purchasing methods
  • Cross-Functional Purchasing
  • Centralize vs. de-centralize Purchasing

Module III   E- Commerce

  • Understanding e-procurement value chain
  • e-procurement tools
  • Evolution of e-procurement Models
  • Benefits & Disadvantages

Module IV   Sourcing & Supplier Management

  • What is Sourcing
  • Sourcing Process
  • Types of Sources of Supply
  • Analysis of Market Conditions
  • Make vs Buy Analysis
  • Types of Leasing
  • Solicitation

Module V – Sustainable Procurement

  • What is Green Procurement
  • Scope & Potential Benefits of Green Procurement
  • Implementing Green Procurement Policy
  • Creating a Green procurement Program
  • Approaches to Implement Sustainable Procurement

Module VI: Supplier Evaluations

  • Supplier Assessments
  • Supplier approvals
  • Evaluation Methods

Module VII: Global Purchasing

  • Why Buy Global
  • Sources of Information for Overseas Suppliers
  • Overcoming Global Sourcing Challenges
  • True Cost of Global Buying
  • Factors of Success

Module VIII: Negotiations

  • Approach to Negotiation
  • Content of Negotiation
  • Factors in Negotiation
  • Negotiation Process
  • Negotiation in Relationships
  • Negotiation Ethics

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International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI)

The International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI) is a prominent professional institute offering purchasing and supply chain management certifications throughout the world. IPSCMI’s purchasing and supply chain management courses and programs are provided around the world by a complete network of alliance partners.


Dr. Sathya Menon

Dr. Sathya Menon is a trailblazer in logistics and supply chain education in the Middle East. He has 25 years of experience (including consulting and training) in the field of Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing. He has worked with various MNCs like Ericsson, Compaq and large conglomerates like Samtel, Al Futtaim helping them to expand their Supply Chain operations. He has personally trained more than 25,000 professionals in the field of Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain.


  • PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Materials Management
  • FCIPS – Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS – UK)
  • FCILT– Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Logistics and Transportation (UK)
  • Executive Program in Artificial Intelligence – Future and Impact on Business Strategy – From MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Certified SAP Consultant for Supply Chain Management from SAP, Germany
  • FCMI – Fellowship from Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK
  • Certified Purchase Manager (CPM) from Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISM) , USA
  • Certified International Supply Chain Manager (CISCM) from International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI), USA
  • Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager (CICCM) from from International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI), USA
  • Certified International Professional Training Consultant (CIPTC) from American Certification Institute (ACI), USA
  • Certified Professional Purchasing Manager (CPPM) from American Purchasing Society (APS), USA
  • Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) from American Purchasing Society

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