The retail industry offers a variety of interesting and rewarding careers including ‘front-line’ careers such as Store Managers and sales personnel as well as `behind the scenes’ jobs in buying, merchandising, marketing, market research, store location and Supply Chain Management.
Retail being as lucrative as it is, more and more professionals are opting for highly-paid jobs in this industry. The Retail Management program has been designed to produce professionals with a sound understanding of modern retailing and the skills necessary for a career in retailing.

This professional course will match the expanding needs of the retail industry in the Middle East, India and the Northern Africa region. For those interested in an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Retailing, this is an excellent opportunity to learn and hone their skills.

International retail trends will be analysed and the latest educational tools utilized to give students valuable insight and hands-on training in the word of Retail Management and the lucrative careers that they can build on from there.

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