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Many certification courses have emerged in the field of purchasing. These have been designed to prepare the candidates for their purchasing roles in different industries. It is important that the certified organization is well recognized and reputed for the certification given by it to bear value. The American Purchasing Society (APS) is the pioneer organization to establish certifications in purchasing. Two of the most prestigious and industry-recognized certifications awarded by it are the Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) and the Certified Purchasing Professional Manager (CPPM).

The importance of purchasing

Purchasing involves the buying of services and goods for an organization from an external source. Services, spare parts, raw materials, etc which are required by the organization or company are bought. Purchasing is the main activity in the field of material management; and the most crucial function in any organization. For, the purchase element significantly affects the production cost, and decides the profitability of the company. So, the Purchasing Professionals Certification in an organization deal with the following objectives-

  • Providing a continuous flow of materials and services for the operation of the company

  • Finding dependable alternative supply sources

  • Buying at the most economic order quantities

  • Buying the best value- a blend of the right quality at the best cost from the best supplier

  • Maintaining good relations with the vendors

  • Exploring the best practices in global sourcing

These affect the organization’s bottom-line results; and only certified professionals in purchasing can ensure these. The training provided for the CPP and CPPM certifications is capable of equipping candidates for these. For, these training courses lay a solid foundation of education in purchasing and supply chain management.

Leading Academics Providing CPP and CPPM Training

The American Purchasing Society has collaborated with the Blue Ocean Academy, a leading academics in the UAE, to offer world-class training for these international certifications.

The CPP and CPPM Certification Programs

The CPP and CPPM are two successive certification courses. These enable candidates to apply the latest purchasing practices into their organization and validate their standing in the purchasing area. The CPP Training is the foundational course and the CPPM is its advanced level. The former equips the candidates with the necessary purchasing-related skillsets and credentials; and the latter sharpens their purchasing skills and provides them an understanding of their industry’s challenges.

Benefits of CPP and CPPM Certifications

The CPP and CPPM certifications equip the candidates with the necessary skillsets, understanding and knowledge in purchasing. These open up numerous opportunities for them both within and outside their current organization, and increase their wages. Their employees and peers hold them in high esteem as they become useful assets of their organization.

We invite interested candidates to benefit from taking up training programs for these certifications from the Blue Ocean Academy.

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