Learn Six Sigma For Your Career in Quality Improvement

Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven and quality approach towards manufacturing near-perfect products. It helps in the removal of defects in all processes involved in manufacturing to transaction, and from product to service. Professionals who are certified in the Six Sigma approach are referred to as Six Sigma Belts. Now-a-days, Six Sigma Belts are much sought-after in different companies worldwide. Individuals take up Six Sigma training to get qualified and certified in this line. Companies too provide their staff with this training as they find this a cost efficient option, providing tangible benefits. The American Certification Institute, USA (ACI) an independent body, functioning to promote quality improvement, globally certifies Six Sigma professionals. The Blue Ocean Academy, has collaborated with the IQF to offer Six Sigma certification training to those professionals who need them Two courses in Six Sigma are offered by it. These include the Six Sigma Green Belt Training (SSGB) and the Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB). The Black Belts are the leaders under whose supervision the Green Belts work in teams. Six Sigma Certification for Your Career in Quality Improvement Professionals with the Six Sigma credential-
  • Get preference over other job applicants.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Enjoy career advancement.
  • Enjoy peer recognition.
  • Gain increased abilities and skills.
  • Earn 30 to 40% more wages than their uncertified colleagues.
  • Experience exponential career growth.
  • Are valuable assets of the organization they work for.
  • Because of their industry wide knowledge, they are able to position themselves during career changes.
Six Sigma certified professionals demonstrate-
  • An investment in themselves.
  • An investment in their career.
  • A commitment to excellence.
  • An investment in the interests of the employer.
  • Theoretical proficiency in quality methods and principles.
Six Sigma Professionals alone do not enjoy all these benefits, the organizations that hire them also enjoy several benefits. Since Six Sigma is universally applicable across diverse industries, companies that employ these professionals are able to remove defects within their procedures, and thus increase the turn over. They are also able to make accurate time- and money- saving decisions. Further, they are able to recognize the organization’s most urgent issues, invent ways to resolve issues, identify new troubleshooting approaches, decide the ways to progress, and implement necessary changes to get the best possible results. Thus, taking up Six Sigma certification program is not only beneficial to the individual, but also to the organization. We invite interested individuals to avail the program from Blue Ocean Academy. Organizations that would like to benefit from implementing the Six Sigma process can choose to provide the training to their employees. Blue Ocean Academy’s services can be availed in this regard as well. Register today for Six Sigma certification and  training visit : https://www.blueoceanacademy.com/courses/sixsigma-greenbelt.html

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