Navigating the Supply Chain Certification Maze: Choosing the Right Professional Training Partner in India

Whether you are an experienced professional looking to advance your supply chain career or someone aspiring to break into the dynamic field of supply chain management, choosing the right certification program offered by the right training institute is extremely crucial. Remember, supply chain management or SCM is a sector that demands precision, efficiency, and strategic thinking, and above all continuous upskilling. While you may come across several certifications and trainings, it is only the right certification that will help you enhance your knowledge and skills and set you apart in a competitive job market. Your professional certification is a testament to your commitment to learn and upgrade in this ever-evolving economic landscape and the right certification will help you grow and earn a higher salary. We at Blue Ocean Corporation, have an exclusive tie-up with the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, IPSCMI in the USA, to offer logistics, procurement and supply chain professional certification programs like CIPP and CISCM.   Enrolling in supply chain management courses like CISCP, CIPM, CICCM and CIWIM from the IPSCMI with Blue Ocean Corporation is a great way to begin your professional upskilling journey. Let us understand why:
  • Globally recognized accreditation body – The International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute is a globally recognized authority in supply chain and procurement education. IPSCMI certifications are accepted worldwide and help in pushing your SCM career forward.
  • Ranked Top 3 SCM & Procurement Training Partners - Blue Ocean Corporation has been successfully ranked amongst the Top 3 Procurement, Logistics & SCM training providers in the world, by its affiliation partners, including the IPSCMI which rated Blue Ocean as its number one training partner.
  • Unparalleled track record – Having trained 160,000 professionals successfully, Blue Ocean Corporation stands as the largest procurement and supply chain management training organization in the Middle East.
  • Government approved – Our certifications are approved by the government of every region we operate in. Being the only approved course by the Saudi government underscores our credibility and alignment with international standards.
  • 5k + Google reviews & 100 % positive feedback - With over 7500 Google reviews and 100% positive feedback our track record speaks for itself. More than 6000 students have completed multiple courses with us, while over 300 have pursued advanced learning through our comprehensive programs.

How to identify the right training institute?

As an ambitious supply chain professional, before enrolling in your certification from any training institute, make sure to verify the authenticity of the institute. Not quite sure how to check that? Here’s your guide to that:
  • Check number of affiliated institutes - Look into the number of institutes associated with the awarding body. A wide network of training providers typically reflects credibility and industry trust.
  • LinkedIn Alumni Presence – Do a thorough check on LinkedIn to see how many professionals have completed programs from these awarding bodies. A strong alumni presence suggests the certifications are respected and valued in the job market.
  • Verify institute name on awarding body’s website - ensure that the institute offering the certification name appears on the awarding body’s official website as an approved training provider. Transparent partnerships are a sign of legitimate certification.
  • Communication and Transparency - When contacting awarding bodies for details, prompt and clear communication is a key indicator of their professionalism. Poor communication or hesitancy to provide the right information could be warning signs.
  As rightly said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Make sure you check all the above-listed factors before registering for your certification. At Blue Ocean Corporation, in collaboration with IPSCMI, USA, we offer more than just certifications – we provide a pathway to excellence and opportunity in the dynamic field of supply chain management.
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