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Understanding the benefits of online learning

Though we have always heard of online learning, never in our wildest dreams did we think that someday it will be a new reality. A laptop and a notepad have become your new learning tools, your bedroom has transformed into your virtual classroom and your trainer is giving you some valuable lessons through interactive digital media.

Yes, COVID19 has made us realize the numerous possibilities in the digital world. Children are extremely happy to learn from their homes, youngsters are attending webinars and earning professional certifications without travelling.

As the whole world is discussing remote learning, we can have a look at the main benefits of online learning over classroom-based learning.

  • Flexibility

Online learning is widely popular due to its flexibility. You can learn despite your hectic schedule and choose a convenient timing. In classroom training, the students seldom have a role in deciding the schedule. Online education will help you to improve your time management skills by attaining a perfect balance between work and studies.

  • A customized learning experience

As the traditional classrooms have a large number of students, the trainer may not be able to interact with each one of them. On the contrary, online education has a small number of students at a time and offers a more personalized experience. All the students will get opportunities to ask their doubts and share their feedback. The trainer can also make some changes in the strategies based on the feedback which results in a tailor-made learning program.

  • Save time

Time is precious. You would have postponed several classes just because you don’t have time. Professionals who wish to improve their skills may find it difficult to attend the classes amid their busy work schedules. Online training is a great chance for busy professionals as they can save a great deal of time. As most of the online classes have 2-3 hour duration per day, it is convenient for working people. You can also save the time required in travelling to the venue.

  • Cost-effective

Online learning is comparatively less expensive as you can save the money spent on commuting and the associated costs like parking and fuel. In addition, unlike in-person education methods, online education tends to be more affordable.

  • Convenience

What is more convenient than learning from your own home? It is the most comfortable and safe space where you can learn at your pace. Learning is easier when you are in a relaxed mood as you are in a familiar place among your own people. It is also a convenient option for several women who choose to learn from home due to familial responsibilities.

  • Cross-cultural platform

The online platform is a melting pot of different cultures. Unlike classroom-based training which usually includes the people from nearby locations, the online classroom will have learners from different parts of the world. It gives networking opportunities to the students and they can interact with people around the globe.

Tips to make online learning super exciting

In a virtual classroom, students need to be more responsible as there are some limitations on the trainer to control them as they are not physically present. So, make sure that you follow these rules to make online learning more exciting and effective.

  • Create a dedicated study space

This is the first and most important step in the online learning process. You should create a simulated study space that helps you to concentrate on the class.

  • Set daily goals

We often think that goal setting is for the distant future. If you want to achieve something in the future, you should take baby steps now. Every day, you should set some goals that you want to accomplish after a session. If you learn on this basis, you will have a clear cut idea of your benefits from the training.

  • Listen carefully

Be an active listener! This is a golden rule in an online classroom. Though the trainer is not physically present, you should always remember that you are in a virtual classroom.

  • Interact with your trainer

Online sessions are interactive in nature. You can interact with the trainer using the chat section to encourage them. In online training, there is a challenge in connecting with all the students as the trainer is not able to see them in person. Interaction is the key element in the virtual classroom that can increase its effectiveness.

  • Take notes

Is taking notes an out-dated practice? Though we have tablets, laptops and smartphones, taking notes is always my first choice while attending any class or seminars. When you attend an online class, you would find it comfortable to type the important points on a document. But, your trainer may think that you are doing some other works. So, the best practice is to take down the notes on a notepad as everyone in the session can see that you are actively taking part in it.

  • Take part in the assessments

Live assessments are an inevitable part of online classrooms. Several digital tools make it easier for the trainers to assess the understanding of the students in different ways. Take part in all the assessments to demonstrate your understanding of the subject and also to realize the gaps in your knowledge.

  • Join the discussions

The trainers will conduct group discussions to increase the interactivity in the classroom and give opportunities for the students to speak. You should join these discussions and interact with other students.

  • Take breaks

Breaks are a necessary part of learning. Your attention span has limitations and you may not be able to concentrate continuously for a long time. So, it is always better to take a break during the class to relax or have some refreshments.

  • Avoid distractions

When you are at home, it is a bit difficult to avoid distractions from others. The disturbance from children or other family members is one of the main hindrances for online learning. You can make your family understand that you are in a serious learning session and need silence in the room. You should also refrain from using other devices like mobile phones during the class.

COVID-19 has started one of the greatest revolutions in the history of education. Online training is an ideal option if you want to learn a new skill. It is high time that you try this new alternative in education and explore the endless possibilities in the virtual world.

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