Project Management Professional (PMP®) PROGRAM - BENEFITS

Project management is the process of utilizing a structured approach to manage a particular project-generally on the basis of the team leads or project manager’s experience, knowledge and skills. The right candidates for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) program Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification would ideally suit those who:
  • Are looking for a career in project management.
  • Seek career progression within project management.
  • Desire to be certified.
  • Want to perfect their skills.
  • Want to efficiently utilize their leadership and organizational skills.
The objectives Project Management Professional (PMP®) program The Project Management Professional (PMP®) program aims to help candidates:
  • Understand their project’s goals and outcomes better before assigning resources to it. This way, they ensure they initiate only productive projects.
  • Ensure the effective proceeding of the project through every phase, from its conceptualization to its completion.
  • Outline an accomplished, yet challenging budget and timeline for a project’s completion, by using a rigorous approach.
  • Develop an organized approach for assigning responsibilities and roles for the project’s work packages and delivery.
  • Execute an organized change management process to cope with the changes made to the project’s objectives and scope. This minimizes the risk associated.
The advantages of Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification program Gaining a Project Management Professional PMP® certification provides you with increased productivity and efficiency, better job opportunities, higher-paying positions, global recognition, more successful and better delivered projects, being sought in all industries, placements in desired cities, and placements abroad. Further it sharpens your skill sets like change management, stakeholder management and engagement, communication with project teams, planning, managing conflict, quality management, people management, communication with project teams, leadership, and critical success factors development. It also imparts you with new skills such as active risk management; conceptualizing, executing and monitoring projects; procuring; costing; earned value management; and pert charts. Further, it imparts you with the necessary behavioral changes. For, project Management is something beyond just experience, techniques and tools. Its about learning to influence others and rectify conflicts. Taking up the Project Management Professional (PMP®) course, thus enhances one’s efficiency and improves his confidence in handling projects. It would definitely be a value addition to one’s career. So, go ahead and enroll yourself in a Project Management Professional (PMP®) program offered by a reputed institute.

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