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CISCP is the acronym of Certified International Supply Chain Professional. This two-step core certification qualification is from the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, USA. This CISCP is the entry level course. Its advanced level qualification is offered as CISCM (Certified International Supply Chain Manager). Here are the advantages of taking up and successfully completing the CISCP certification program.

Global Recognition

The current world market is moving its demands from ordinary logistic professionals to specialists who can design and define new processes in line with the up-to-date procedures. By taking up the prestigious and globally recognized CISCP course, logistics professionals gain new skills and innovations required to manage methods involved in modern production, shipping and distribution.

Far Higher Salary

Individuals gain a niche in the professional world with certificate in logistics. The new knowledge imparted by these programs help them to get far better pays; and thus climb the career peaks easily. Studies show that certifications help professionals earn forty eight percent higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts.

Professional Designation

On the successfully completing the program, you are entitled to use the designation of CISCP. This designation can be used in the same way recognitions are used in professionals like law, insurance, medicine, accounting, etc. The acronym or the full form of the certification can be used after your name on your letter pads, stationery, business cards, etc.

Knowledge and Skills

This certification program educates you on global supply chain management concepts like international transportation and logistics. Candidates get to understand the principles of business logistics, supply chain management, and international governmental regulations affecting material sourcing and product selling. The CISCP certification also disciplines, motivates and self-initiates you.

Convenience of Location

The courses in logistics and supply chain management CISCP certification program is designed to be offered in a unique delivery mode. Any company or governmental agency seeking to offer this program to its employees can choose to take this program to its own premises. This program can also be delivered online with the help of effective teaching course ware. These offer the convenience of reducing missed work hours, costs and travel time.

With so many benefits offered by the CISCP certification program, it would definitely be wise on your part to take up the course, successfully complete it, and get promoted as an expert in the supply chain management and logistics field. Why wait then? Go ahead and enroll yourself into the course!

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