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CISCP and CISCM fast track mode is a two-step educational qualification in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management niche. It has been designed and is offered by the IPSCMI (International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute), USA. CISCP stands for Certified International Supply Chain Professional, and is the entry level qualification; and CISCM stands for Certified International Supply Chain Manager, and is the advanced level program. The fast track CISCP and CISCM training offered in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Dubai helps busy professionals earn these two certifications at one go, and allows them to enjoy the below listed benefits faster.

Employment opportunities

The CISCP CISCM dual-certification imparts credibility to the Supply Chain Management and Logistics professions. They gain global recognition, and enjoy advantage in hiring decisions. Surveys conducted in America and Europe say that employers identify this dual-certification as:

  • Providing the basis for prolonged professional development.
  • Validation of the individual’s dedication to enhancing his job skills.
  • High level contribution to one’s department’s performance.
  • Better use of resources, and higher ROI.
  • Magnification of the credibility of the department.
  • Influential in the growth of the organization.

Flourishing career in logistics

CISCP and CISCM dual-certified individuals are easily able to get themselves to the senior management positions. From being just managers, they can climb the career ladder to be general managers, enterprise heads, etc in the global logistics’ trillion dollar industry. Thus, the CISCP-CISCM dual-certification helps its holders to gain a lucrative career.

Valuable knowledge and skills gain

The CISCP and CISCM dual-certification provides participants with a comprehension of the various concepts on international transportation and logistics. They get to understand the essentialities of business logistics, supply chain management, and international government issues.  Thus, candidates will acquire valuable knowledge and skills required for enhancing their logistical operations; handling the arising issues; enhancing intra and inter firm coordination; and sourcing materials and sending out products at the right time, to the right place, and for the right cost.

Higher Salaries

The CISCP and CISCM dual-certification from the IPSCMI aids professionals earn higher pays. Studies show that certified professionals earn 48% higher salaries than their non-certified colleagues.

Professional designation

Once you get the CISCP and CISCM dual-certification successfully completed, you are eligible to use the CISCM designation after your name. This not only strengthens your resume, but also gives you a professional appearance when you use it on your letterheads, email signature, etc.

Convenient training option

You can avail the fast track courses in logistics CISCP and CISCM dual-certification program either via either the classroom training or at the premises of own organization.

So, we encourage supply chain managers, warehousing managers, production managers, operations managers, procurement managers, logistics managers, transport managers, quality managers, inventory managers, and brand & product managers to take up this courses in logistics and supply chain management certification program offered by the IPSCMI and reap its benefits!