Recession, globalization, cheaper technology and crises in financial markets are just a few causes of enormous change in the business world. A business which stands still will fail and so it becomes imperative to be able to recognize what drives change in our businesses and how to lead and manage the change which must inevitably occur.

This highly interactive and practical program is designed to help anyone with responsibility for change at work to :

  • Understand what makes change necessary
  •  Know exactly when to make changes
  •  Know what to change
  •  Know how to galvanize organizational support for change and win ‘hearts and minds’ at all levels
  • Be able to communicate change so people listen

The objective of this program will be to help participants to:

  • Enable to use two frameworks that support the preparation for change and the design of change in organizations.
  • Participants will draw on their own experience of change.
  • Become familiar with two frameworks to guide their management of change situations.
  • Develop and acquire the effective skills of motivating people at workplace.
  • Better motivation of staff members.
  • Promote effective teamwork for generating higher performance.
  • Increase employee retention and loyalty.

Benefits of the program for the organization:

A manpower equipped with new skills and knowledge to deliver desired output, helping the organization to achieve its goals and objectives efficiently and effectively through optimum utilization of resources in a much organized way.

Target Audience:

  • This programme is oriented to middle management and senior middle management.