Group CEO’s Message

As we celebrate our 25 years of excellence, I would like to extend my warm greetings to everyone associated with the Blue Ocean family.


Blue Ocean Corporation, a multi-national organization with operations in 16+ countries, comes with a rich legacy of almost three decades filled with growth and recognition.

At Blue Ocean, we are focussed on powering an innovative and inclusive future with our unparalleled expertise in Training, Consulting, Conferences and Recruitment. The purpose behind this is to generate a productive and sustainable impact on the business landscape for tomorrow.


When we embarked on this momentous journey 25 years ago, our vision was to become the numero uno brand in the training industry. Today we are proud of our strong global network of 130,000+ alumni, and prestigious awards like Dubai Quality Appreciation Award, Great Place to Work, Superbrands and more. We are amongst the Top 3 Procurement, Logistics & SCM Training Providers in the World.


This growth is a testament to our expertise in building an empowered community with diverse skill sets and delivering sustained outcomes to our clients’ continuing preferences. We are proud to have enriched participants from 75 + nations.


Throughout our journey, we have witnessed several changes and challenges in the business environment and have overcome them with strategic solutions. We are open to change and creativity and have redirected our business approach as per the market situation.


I am proud of the actions we are undertaking to drive long-term value to our stakeholders. I am also thankful to all our clients and stakeholders for their continued trust and support towards us.


Inspiration and support are catalytic when it comes to nurturing entrepreneurship. We are blessed to have grown in the UAE, a country that is a global icon in enterprise leadership.

As we continue to develop our entrepreneurial spirit and implement our growth strategy, we look forward to harnessing endless opportunities across untapped global markets, including the Middle East and India. We will continue to focus on Mission 500 and expansion into new territories. 


Our organization is fueled by powerful leaders and teams. Diversity remains a source of competitiveness for us and one of our greatest strengths. Currently, we have a diverse workforce of 12+ nationalities. 


I am hopeful that together we will continue to leverage our strength to resolve global workforce challenges and create more opportunities for generations to come.


Dr. Sathya Menon

Group  CEO