By providing world-class industry expert training, all three levels of HR qualifications produce competitive HR professionals.

The HR program combines world-class core material that is regularly updated to ensure practicality in the current global marketplace. The prestigious US-based American Certification Institute (ACI) offers a distinctive and internationally recognized designation. The title represents an internationally recognized level of achievement and qualifications in human resources for the holder. It also represents the carrier's highest level of achievement in human resources at the global level. Human Resource Management nowadays is not just about employing people or drafting work policies; it is also about being able to rapidly respond to customers’ global needs. The American Credential Institute created the CHRP, the most prominent certification for HR professionals (ACI).
Certified Human Resource Manager (CHRP)
From the American Certification Institute, USA The Advanced Human Resource Management Course addresses issues facing seasoned human resource (HR) professionals. Also, managers who want to add value and innovation to the functions of HR within their organization. The managerial aspects of HR are the focus of this advanced course, which covers topics like strategically aligned HR, developing HR policies and procedures. It also covers topics like job analysis and job descriptions, manpower planning, budgeting in HR, return on investment in training, and effective performance appraisals. Also, topics like HR audit and creating effective pay plans. You can take on bigger issues in the Human Resource Management function with the aid of CHRM tags. In today's environment, the majority of those employed in HR or administration need to have advanced knowledge and credentials. With this, it will enable them to implement policies and processes that are in line with business goals. The ACI-CHRM course specifically aids students in achieving this goal. The goal is to earn professional credentials and receive hands-on, practical training for implementation.

Program Benefits

  • Imparts the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to be an effective Human Resource practitioner
  • Equips the learner with cutting-edge functional strategies for handling real-life Human Resource issues
  • Develops a knowledge base and provides live tools that can be used in the Human Resource workplace
  • Offers the environment to learn and practice the skills necessary to execute organizational strategies
  • Upgrades the competence and awareness of Human Resource professionals with new global best practices


"Learned a lot from other participants as the sessions were highly interactive and fully practical oriented." - Anthony "Highly participatory and inclusive.. I have gained a lot of knowledge.. excellent faculty.. nice and inspiring group." - Aroshi Romaine "I found the course very useful and will hopefully be able to put some of it into practice." - Deepa
Certified Human Resource Consultant (CHRC)

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