Certified Human Resource Manager (CHRM)

The Certified Human Resource Professional/Manager (CHRP/CHRM) course provides world-class training aimed at developing competitive HR professionals. Furthermore, the HR program combines a high-quality core curriculum that is continually updated to ensure practical relevance in today's global marketplace. Unique and globally recognized designation offered by the prestigious American Certification Institute (ACI), USA. The title is an internationally recognized credential for the holder in the field of human resources. The 3 steps qualification in HR are the following: 1. Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) 2. Certfied Human Resources Manager (CHRM) 3. Certified Human Resource Consultant (CHRC) The first of the 3 steps qualification in HR is Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) gives you a head start in the world of professional HR. With this course, you can also develop professional acumen and insight to deal with core HR issues. Here the focus is on the mechanics of organizational change, and then after that, the spotlight moves on to the competencies required to manage both people and processes. With the CHRM tag, you can overcome major difficulties in the field of human resource management. In today's world, most HR or administration employees need advanced knowledge and skills that enable them to implement strategies and processes that align with the company's goals.