5 ways to advance your HR career

5 Ways to Advance Your HR Career

  Human Resources plays a pivotal role in determining the growth of an organization on account of its scope stretching from hiring the right talent to engaging and retaining valuable employees. For the same reason, the demand for qualified HR professionals has always been high. In order to be a consistent contributor to the organization, one must adopt sound HR strategies and practices. If you are new to HR or already working in the field, getting a valid certification in the domain will enhance your profile to progress steadily in the sector.  Besides professional certifications, one can take individual efforts to scale up the career ladder.  Following are five sure ways HR leaders can enhance their role as recognized value contributors to the organization:   

Stay current on the latest trends

Keeping oneself updated is quintessential to succeed in any field of work. Human Resources is no exception. Professionals should stay ahead of shifting trends and practices in a sector that is in constant flux, such as HR. They should identify changes within and outside the organization and direct policies and practices accordingly. Professional certification programs such as the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and the Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM), accredited by the American Certification Institute (ACI) are known to impart up-to-date industry-relevant knowledge. Identifying the latest tools and implementing them for the betterment of the organization should be a priority. Staying informed about technological advances and shifts is equally important.   

Focus on meeting business objectives

By understanding the bigger picture and line of operation, an HR professional can identify the areas requiring change and improvement. Having a definite role in organizational management, HR professionals can contribute to strategic planning in bringing forth improvement.  Getting an international certification in managerial HR will not only add to your profile but also will get you recognized and valued in the organization. For instance, the Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM) includes global strategies and practices meant to improve the organizational culture.  

Emphasize on people and data

HR practices inevitably involve a lot of documentation and the need for analytics capabilities among HR professionals remains high. With proper data, HR leaders will have the advantage to make accurate predictions related to turnover risk. They can also improve employee experience by identifying employees with the potential to rise to higher-level positions and much more.  Right from recruiting capable employees to tactfully engaging and retaining them, HR professionals play a significant role in managing people in an organization. Human Resources training programs like the Certified International Recruitment Specialist (CIRS), CHRP and CHRM are meant to improve the organizational bottom line.   

Network with other business leaders

HR leaders work in collaboration with the key leaders of various departments in the organization. Establishing healthy work connections across departments will make the job of an HR person much easier. Their combined efforts will ensure better talent management and the provision of tools and resources to maintain productivity. Identifying departmental manpower requirements, and filling the gaps in talent by providing appropriate training can materialize only if there exists a strong interconnection between the departments and HR personnel.   

Practice Change Management

Change management is guiding organizational change from start to finish, from planning, implementing and bringing about changes in an organization. It addresses multiple aspects of change involving people, processes and technology. Being an internal approach to implementing changes in an organization, it requires someone who knows the system and people well.  Learning management principles will prepare HR professionals for managerial positions. The HR department should take the lead as they can bridge the gap between high-level strategists behind the change and the people who should accept the change. HR professionals can be an integral part of change management by bringing forth upskilling training initiatives for existing employees. Steering change management can help HR professionals to diversify their responsibilities and thus help them advance their career.  In short, for HR leadership to succeed, one should effectively interact with their key business counterparts. It is to have a clear understanding of what's ongoing in the organization. Communicating regularly and building solid relationships among teammates will go a long way. Moreover, discuss strategy, leadership, HR delivery, and how to show up as a team and work together as thought partners.  If ever you find yourself stuck without momentum in your HR career, you may enrol in any internationally accepted certification programs. Programs like CHRP or CHRM that will help hone your skills to get you back on track. Gaining valid certifications from time to time can be highly beneficial as it testifies to the skills and expertise one has in the field and also the dedication to remain updated. CHRP provides valuable insights into the latest trends and practices in HR and CHRM and is meant for HR professionals looking to take up managerial roles. Learn more about the courses and how these can help you evolve as a seasoned professional in Human Resources.    Why Choose Blue Ocean?
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