Adding Value to your Career with Project Management Certifications

Project Management Professional Certification is one of the most highly esteemed certifications in the field of project management. PMP is one of the world's top ten certifications. It is considered an international standard for project managers across all industries including technology, telecom, finance, commerce and also business.

Benefits of getting PMP certified
  • Job opportunities - Big corporates know that they can certainly stay competitive with the services of PMPS even during periods of economic downturn, they employ only PMP certified project managers.

  • Better wages - PMPs also earn better. The Project Management Institute’s survey has revealed that they earn 20% higher salary than their uncertified colleagues.

  • Enhanced skills- Training for the PMP certification helps candidates learn the A to Z of project management. They have enhanced skills which enable better project execution.
There are two eligibility criteria to get this certification which are as follows-
  • Project management experience: Those with a 4-year degree need 4500 hours of experience in project management, while those with a secondary degree need an experience of 7500 hours for the same. To direct and lead projects, you should have project management experience. Regardless of whether or not the candidate has worked as a project manager, he or she should have partly or fully managed a project in any industry, irrelevant of its size and technical nature.
  • 35 contact hours for project management education
Obtaining training for PMP certification One can obtain PMP training in the following 3 different modes-
  • Live Online Training and Instructor-led Learning
  • Online training or self-learning
  • Classroom training
Live Online Training or Instructor-led mode
Instructors lead candidates who take up live online training for PMP certification over the internet. It provides candidates with a flexible yet defined training schedule. From the learning perspective, these are better when compared to the self-learning courses, but not when compared to the classroom courses.
Online Training or Self-learning mode
Self-disciplined and self-motivated candidates can go for the online training mode where they can learn from study material provided over the net.
Classroom Training
Subject experts teach and train candidates in conventional classroom training methods. Among these three training methods for PMP, the classroom training is the best when it comes to learning. This is because, it maximizes one’s chances of success. Blue Ocean Academy is a highly esteemed training firm in the UAE. We offer 4 days PMP training to interested candidates. Candidates who enroll in the training course receive the 35 contact hours required to become certified as a PMP. We invite you to take up PMP training from this institute to add value to their project management career. Register today for Project Management  certification and  training visit: Pmp Training in Dubai
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