Artificial Intelligence in HR

The concept of artificial intelligence is not new; however, we can now identify it as having the capabilities of revolutionizing the world. AI has become an everyday part of the lives of our organizations. Because of that, the <a href="">HR</a> function can resourcefully use it to put the 'Human' back into Human resources. The potential for AI to convert vast amounts of obscure and complicated information into practical insights has already begun to alter various industries. It's amazing what artificial intelligence is capable of. As a significant advancement toward its Centennial 2071 goals, the UAE has appointed the first Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence in history and presented an AI plan for the country. The number of interactions between UAE citizens and AI-assisted interfaces is rapidly growing as artificial intelligence is widely used. The public and private sectors in the country mostly use it, particularly in banking and telecom, which results in the automation of repetitive and low-value added work. Some of the best AI interfaces are currently being developed. Particularly in areas like onboarding and administration in HR. Additionally, we can use it in the hiring process to handle vacation requests. It can also gauge employee moods, teach teams, eliminate prejudices, and track down departing employees. In fact, the MENA region is seeing an increase in demand for AI recruiters. Numerous sectors have already started to change as a result of AI's potential. This is to translate enormous amounts of cryptic and complex information into useful insights. What artificial intelligence is capable of is astounding. Topics: Why will AI create more jobs than it destroys? How AI Is Transforming HR Departments AI in HR could be a game changer Register Here :

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