AutoCAD training Course is designed to teach students the skills and processes to draw mechanical parts, architectural plans, engineering diagrams, electrical drawings, etc.


From the AutoCAD 2D you will learn to:

  • Draw setups with different drawing units
  • Use of layers and blocks
  • Annotate with Texts, Hatch and Dimensions
  • Take Printouts in different Scales
  • Use of Templates


  • Getting to Know AutoCAD
  • Learning Basic Commands to Get Started
  • Setting up a Drawing
  • Developing Drawing Strategies: Part 1
  • Developing Drawing Strategies: Part 2
  • Using Layers to Organize Your Drawing
  • Controlling Text in a Drawing
  • Using Dynamic Blocks and Tables
  • Generating Elevations
  • Working with Hatches, Gradients, and Tool Palettes
  • Dimensioning a Drawing
  • Managing External References
  • Using Layouts to Set Up a Print
  • Printing a Drawing
  • Creating 3D Geometry
  • Rendering and Materials