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Earlier human resource management encompassed only payroll and recruitment. But bygone are those days. Now, it has become an independent discipline which encircles performance management, organizational behavior, employment law, and several other specializations. CHRP stands for Certified Human Resource Professional Training. It is a certification and training program offered by the ACI, which is the acronym of American Certification Institute, USA. It imparts you with a competitive edge in the world of professional human resource. Here are more reasons why professionals in the human resource field should opt for the CHRP training program.

Knowledge, skills and qualities

Today’s HR or admin field requires that its professionals are equipped with superior qualification and knowledge. The ACI’s CHRP program offers updated high-quality core curriculum that helps professionals develop professional shrewdness, execute procedure and policies in alignment with their organization’s policies, and aptly handle HR issues. The cutting-edge skills, knowledge, and qualities imparted by it help you get ahead in the world of business management and administration.

Better job opportunities

The CHRP is one of the best recognized HR qualifications and training currently available. At the entry level, professionals with CHRP certification can work in administrative roles like human resource coordinator, staffing coordinator, human resources clerk, and human resources assistant. They are responsible for supporting HR initiatives, executing tasks assigned by management, and functioning at the transactional and transitional levels.

Commitment demonstrated

A CHRP certification validates your HR knowledge, endorses your workplace readiness, and acknowledges your dedication to career improvement. It also displays your newly acquired knowledge, training and skills to your future and current employees.

Increased salary

The CHRP certification gains you an instant recognition in the human resource field, and helps you acquire a better job. And that better job obviously enables you to earn better salary. Studies show that certified professionals earn forty eight percent higher wages than their un-certified counterparts.  The Human Resources Professional Association and PayScale, Inc. reported that CHRP professionals earn 13% more pays than their un-certified colleagues.

Professional designation

After successfully completing the CHRP training program and examination, you can use the initials- CHRP or its full form- Certified Human Resources Professional, after your name. Such a use is prohibited only in Ontario where the CHRP initials can refer to some other qualification which can cause confusions. Individuals in other places can go ahead using this designation on their stationeries, email signatures, business cards, letter pads, etc.

Professionals in the human resource field should therefore opt to take up the CHRP program to enjoy the above mentioned benefits. We encourage you to take it from the Blue Ocean Academy.

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