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In today’s competitive job market and unemployment scenario, there are several reasons why an Human Resource certification matters. The following are the reasons why you should get certified in the field of Human Resources.

  • Increased job scenario: Human resources management careers are currently increasing as multitudes of companies which are recovering from the economic recession are hiring in new employees. A higher demand for skilled human resources generalists, assistants and managers is witnessed than ever before. It is expected of these human resource professionals to staff these companies with the most apt value-adding candidates. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts that by 2024, the demand for human resources professionals will increase by 9%. The growing competition for this job will enable certified HR professionals to stand out from the rest.
  • Hiring preferences: As per the statistics provided by the HR Certification Institute’s 2008 Value of Certification Survey, candidates with certification are preferred by one out of every two hiring managers. For, they know that certified human resource professionals are well equipped with the competency and skill to perform their HR role.
  • Better salaries: Getting certified in human resource will definitely boost your earning potential. One of Payscale’s survey said that certified HR professionals earned an average pay of $63,900 while their uncertified colleagues earned around $45,300—a highly evident difference of almost $20,000! Though the exact pay varies across diverse industries and locations, the bottom line is that the certification pays off!
  • Smarter working: The human resource certifications equip you to efficiently handle your responsibilities including interviewing, recruiting and retention. Most of the certification programs in HR impart you with invaluable skills and knowledge in payroll, benefits management, union management, hiring, and conflict resolution. Since these courses are handled by experts including human resource generalists, former hiring managers, and benefits managers, these impart you with an edge.
  • Updated knowledge: The current human resources field is very much ahead of the times when HR roles were restricted to administrative duties alone. Today, it is also the responsibility of HRs to perform important additional tasks including shaping key policies, high-level planning, consulting with executives to trace strategic direction, etc. A certification equips you to handle these tasks wisely.

If you are convinced that you will benefit from a human resource certification, we encourage you to take up one of Blue Ocean Academy’s HR certification programs, and reap the benefits!!

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