Professional Certification Benefits

Professional Certification Benefits

Benefits of professional certification Was there an instance in your life when the interviewer said that your qualifications aren’t enough for the role? Let's see the benefits of professional certification. It usually happens when you are applying for a specialized role that requires in-depth knowledge about the field. Most of the reputed companies prefer candidates with professional certifications. Considering the increased demand for people with specialized skills and the huge number of qualified candidates, it is quite natural that professional certification has become one of the major criteria for hiring. When educational qualifications show that you have theoretical knowledge about the field, professional training makes you capable of performing the job well in real-life situations. Certifications are generally earned from a certifying body and are granted based on a combination of education, experience and knowledge, rather than solely by passing an exam. There are a lot of benefits of Professional certification. These certifications will have a positive impact on the employees, the organization and ultimately on the customers.

Steps in professional certification

If you have made up your mind to earn a professional certification, you will achieve your goal for sure. It requires the determination to learn and apply the knowledge at the workplace to get tangible results. The first step in the process is to find the right course and certification for you. For instance, if you would like to work in the aviation industry, there are a lot of options like cabin crew, passenger service agent or ramp services agent. So, you need to choose the one which is suitable for your role or which you aspire to become. Once you have chosen the course, you can check for the most prestigious certification in the field. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) provides the most prestigious globally recognized certification in the aviation industry. However, if you are a supply chain professional and would like to attain a professional certification, you can go for the Certified International Supply Chain Professional (CISCP). You can also go to Certified International Supply Chain Manager (CISCM) certifications from the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI), USA. It is the gold standard in the field of supply chain management industry. For certain courses, there are some criteria for enrolling. So, make sure to research the course to understand if you fit into the criteria. After choosing the course and the certification body, you can enroll in the course at a professional training institute. You will have to write an examination and receive the qualifying score to earn the certification. Once you have successfully completed the examination, you will receive the certification from the awarding body. That’s it! You can add a new designation after your name, on your resume and on social media platforms.

Why get certified

Even when many individuals and organizations have realized the significance of professional training, some consider it a luxury. Investing in training is never a luxury, but it's the need of the hour. The following are the main advantages of having a professional certification: • Stand out among your peers: A certification in your industry will help you to stand out among professionals with the same educational qualifications. • Enhance knowledge and skills: Everything keeps changing in the professional arena. Knowledge about the current trends is necessary to do your job effectively. • Increase earning potential: Several surveys have shown that accredited certifications increase salaries and the chances for attaining leadership positions. • Network with like-minded professionals: By becoming a certified professional, you get entry into an elite group of professionals in your industry thereby broadening your network. • Build professional credibility: Certifications demonstrate your knowledge and expertise that ultimately improve your credibility. • Earn a respectable designation: When you are certified by an esteemed international certifying body, you can add a respectable designation after your name. It demonstrates your knowledge and expertise in your industry.

Benefits of professional certification for the company

Nowadays, higher salary packages are not enough to attract potential candidates. They are looking for organizations that offer more opportunities for career advancement. For the same reason, several companies train their workforce to ensure that they are well-versed with the current trends in their industry. • Engage employees: Training is the best way to engage employees. They would prefer to be in an organization that prioritizes their growth and development. • Boost productivity: Employees will be able to perform better if they know how to do their roles to meet the expectations of the employer. • Implement the best practices: International certification bodies prepare courses based on global best practices. So, when you get certified, you can improve the current processes and make sure that they comply with the global standards. • Ensure trust and credibility: New customers may have several queries about your company. They will consider different aspects before reaching the buying decision. Having a trained workforce is one of the important ways to demonstrate your credibility. We reiterate your commitment to giving the best to our clients.

What is recertification and why is it important

Many of the certifications have an expiration date, after that, they will be invalid. As everything in the industry keeps on changing, professionals must also ensure that their knowledge is current and relevant. Expired certifications can no longer be used for official purposes. So, the best and easiest way is to get recertified. Recertification is a straightforward process that is not as challenging as the initial training/exam process of becoming certified. The criteria for recertification may differ as per the awarding body. Usually, the main things that they consider include the individual’s interest in learning new trends in his/her industry, engagement in their industry via events and conferences or making important contributions by writing papers or magazine articles.
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