SHRM certification for HR professionals

Dr Sathya Menon, CEO of Blue Ocean Academy (left) and Vivek Arora, Executive Director and Business Head MENA of SHRM Managing employees in the post-COVID world is never going to be the same as before. The pandemic has created several changes in the way organizations think and function, which have raised some major challenges for HR professionals. For instance, top companies in the world like Microsoft, have already announced a permanent work-from-home policy for their employees. As a result, it is driving HR practitioners to debate the pros and cons of this arrangement. More expertise and knowledge have become mandatory to cope with the transformation that is going on in the world.
This has prompted Blue Ocean Academy, an award-winning training institute in Dubai, to forge an alliance with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). They also offer world-class HR certification programs. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a professional human resources membership association. It is based in the US and elevates the HR profession through its certification, member network, research, and lobbying activities. With 300,000+ HR and business executive members in 165 countries, SHRM impacts the lives of more than 115 million workers and families globally.
Blue Ocean Academy offers three SHRM courses. The first is the Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management, offered in the UAE. Secondly, the SHRM Certified Professional (CP). Lastly, the SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SCP) which are offered in Qatar and Sultanate of Oman.
“SHRM partnership with Blue Ocean for Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management in UAE and SHRM Certification Preparation in Qatar and Oman. This is a step forward towards our commitment to growth in the MENA region. We are sure that this strategic partnership with Blue Ocean will extend the accessibility of SHRM products & services. It is for its members, customers, and clients in these respective regions,” said Vivek Arora, Executive Director & Business Head MENA of SHRM. SHRM's Advanced Certificate program equips HR professionals with globally relevant behavioral as well as technical competencies. This is required for success in HR roles. On the other hand, SHRM CP and SCP are two globally recognized HR certifications that align the learning with real-life scenarios. Though there are eligibility criteria for joining SHRM CP and SCP programs, anyone can join the Advanced Certificate program. “Human Resource Management is a great field with a lot of career opportunities. However, the new changes have made it more complex than ever. The certification will help individuals learn the latest hiring strategies and talent management techniques. The SHRM certification is suitable for all aspiring as well as experienced HR professionals. Professionals who wish to develop strategic thinking and lead their organizations to success,” remarked Dr Sathya Menon, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blue Ocean Academy.
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