Blue Ocean Cares – Stay Home, Stay Safe

Dear Students,

The world is going through uncertain times. People around the globe have been affected by the disruptive changes and we are striving to overcome this challenge at the earliest. We are coping up with the new way of living, communicating, conducting business and most importantly, imparting education. Though we have several restrictions in the physical world, there is an alternate virtual world with immense possibilities.

As education is always the top priority at Blue Ocean, we have shifted to virtual learning to ensure that learning continues without disruption. Our team has come up with a great online training solution for our students to continue learning from their comfort zones. Since your safety is of paramount importance, we hope that remote learning is the ideal solution for you. We are committed to providing the best quality training programs for our students and we are looking forward to meeting you in our classes in the near future.

We highly appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication of our students in continuing the learning process irrespective of the circumstances. We are happy to receive the positive feedback from our students which stand testimony to the hard work put in by our trainers, technical team, consultants, support staff and of course, our students. We admit that there are some challenges for the students as well as the trainers in the sudden change to the online platforms. However, we take pride in being at the forefront of the virtual training providers in the Middle East. We are also working with our team to help you with the innovative learning process in every possible way.

With more than 20 years of a strong presence in the market and huge investment in the Learning and Development and technology platforms, we are able to provide seamless remote learning programs. Our interactive instructor-led virtual classrooms are as effective as the physical classrooms and promise personalized learning experience to each student. We have been conducting online remote learning sessions with an attendance rate close to 100 per cent. Our complimentary seminars have been transformed into webinars wherein an industry expert will give insights into selected topics on a virtual platform.

Considering the current situation, we have reduced our course fee so that you have lesser financial strain. We are also paying keen attention to the policies and guidelines of the Dubai Health Authority and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) to ensure the safety of our staff and students along with meeting the emerging needs of the day. Let’s hope that normal life will resume soon and the education of our students will continue as usual.

We will overcome this together. Stay safe. Stay Healthy

Dr. Sathya Menon
Executive Director – Academics

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