Throughout this powerful and insightful Body Language course you will learn that what a person actually says is only a fraction of what they are communicating to you.

This fascinating body language course will help you to better understand what a person is thinking, what they really mean, far beyond what they are actually saying


The ultimate aim of this course is to help you master the skills necessary to become a better communicator and reader of non-verbal communication.

This course provides an abundance of information that will help you understand what law enforcement agents and psychologists have known for decades – that by closely observing a person and knowing what to look for you can understand the underlying emotions that a person may be trying to hide.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the participant will be able to:

  1. Learn Kinesics
  2. Become master at reading micro-expressions in the face
  3. Understand various movement of the entire body
  4. Detect deception
  5. Know when a person is truly remembering versus imagining
  6. Become aware of their own body language

Who should attend

  • Professionals at all levels can benefit from this course
  • Line managers and senior officers
  • HR professionals and managers
  • Communication specialists
  • Relationship managers
  • CEOs and executive managers
  • Presenters and public speakers

Course Outline

1.Mastering the Secrets of Non-Verbal Communications

  • Introduction
  • Communication is a Two-Way Street
  • Importance of Body Language
  • Organization of Remaining Modules
  • Module 1 Assessment

2.Personal Body Language Awareness

  • Introduction
  • The Limbic System
  • Becoming Aware of Your Own Body Language
  • Module 2 Assessment

3.How to Use Body Language as Your Secret Weapon

  • Introduction
  • Wielding Your Body Language Weapon
  • Module 3 Assessment

4.Enhancing Your Personal Body Language Vocabulary

  • Introduction
  • Say What You Want to Say
  • Change How You Feel
  • Module 4 Assessment

5. Using Body Language to Increase Your Personal Impact

  • Introduction
  • Making a Positive Impression
  • Module 5 Assessment

6.Using Body Language to Build Rapport

  • Introduction
  • Aggression and Stress in Body Language
  • Module 6 Assessment

7.How to Read Other People’s Body Language

  • Introduction
  • Non-Verbals of the Feet and Legs
  • Micro Expressions and Micro Gestures
  • Module 7 Assessment

8.Reading and Reacting Positively to Signals from Other People

  • Introduction
  • Reacting to Negative Body Language
  • Module 8 Assessment