Certificate in Fundamentals of Project Management

Course Introduction: 

The Fundamentals of Project Management course has a strong emphasis on project risk management skills, assisting professionals in improving project execution, lowering project costs, and avoiding project timeline overruns. It is a structured approach to managing the entire planning and lifecycle of a project and ensuring proper delivery. The key to ensuring that all project components work together to create a successful project is strong leadership. This program is a must for everyone who aspires to handle projects or is already in a project management role. Topics covered in this course include creating a statement of work, establishing project goals, planning, budgeting, managing risks, and carrying out a project.

Course Objectives: 

  • Recognize project goals and outcomes clearly 
  • Build a high-performance project team and plan resources 
  • Outline project management framework and process as per PMI guidelines
  • Set clear targets and deadlines for projects
  • Explore the lifecycle or phases of a project - initiation to closure
  • Effective stakeholder engagement and manage their expectations
  • Identify and manage risks related to project scope, cost, time, and quality
  • Control project budget and timeline issues 
  • Tools and techniques in project management
  • Ensure high project quality via quality planning, assurance, and control
  • Evaluate changes and implement them without affecting project

Course Modules: 

Module 1 - Understand the different stages of project lifecycle  Module 2 – Selection of right project team and resources  Module 3 – Define project scope, objectives, and deliverables Module 4 – Develop communication plan for stakeholder engagement Module 5 – Forecast and manage various project risks  Module 6 – Change management – evaluation and implementation Module 7 – Use of software and tools in managing project Module 8 – Explore legal considerations in project management
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