Procurement & Supply Certification

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) is the world’s largest professional body for procurement and supply. Worldwide, it has more than 110,000 people, spread in more than 150 countries. Several multinational businesses specify internationally recognized MCIPS qualifications as their standard.

CIPS Qualifications
We need CIPS qualifications to meet the highest standards as well as impart professionals with consistent workforce competence. Certification courses that CIPS provided are the following:
  • Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply

  • Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply

  • Diploma in procurement and supply

  • Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations

  • Certificate of procurement and supply operations

With CIPS, which course you will start and how you will progress depends on your experience and qualifications. Professionals in operational roles can benefit by taking up their Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations. They can also benefit from Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations courses. Those in managerial roles in the procurement and supply function should go for their diploma qualifications. Qualified candidates with relevant qualifications or degrees can have certain exemptions from specific CIPS courses. You can find at However, those who have no previous qualifications can begin studying any course with the CIPS. CIPS offers these qualifications and they are also assessed and certified through an examination. CIPS conducts three series of examinations each year worldwide (in some countries, there is an additional series).
Flexible Study Options from CIPS
We can obtain CIPS qualifications from anywhere in the world with a range of flexible study options provided by this esteemed organization. Those who prefer to obtain one or more of these qualifications through self study or those who cannot attend the course can enroll themselves into the self-study option that CIPS will provide. Candidates will utilize e-learning resources and course books for study. Also, those who would like to take up these courses from a respected university or college can enroll themselves in one of the 200 study centres of CIPS across the world. Experienced and qualified professionals in these study centres offer tuition. Candidates can take up any one of the following flexible learning options from these study centres
  • Intensive workshop and classroom sessions

  • Part-time conventional classroom learning during the day or evening.

  • Distance learning with the support of a tutor.

Blue Ocean Academy is one of the CIPS study centers. Headquartered in the UAE, this ISO 9001:2008 certified organization has ignited the careers of thousands of supply chain professionals from various industries. We invite you to take up one or more CIPS certifications from the Blue Ocean Academy. Register today for CIPS certification and  training visit:
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