The CILT(UK) Certificate in Operations Management is suitable for individuals new to the profession and also to those already employed in operations management who need to understand more about the context of their job and gain recognition for their knowledge and skills.

This Qualification is designed to provide an introduction to production and operations management, giving a good overview of all the necessary elements.

The Qualification consists of three mandatory units:

C1 Business for Operations Managers

This unit looks at the local, national and international environments which influence business development and the factors that affect operations. Business goals and their communication throughout organisations are introduced, as well as the concept of teamwork and management styles. This unit also covers quality, cost management and performance measurement.

C2 Demand and Supply Chain Management

This unit introduces the concepts of demand and supply chain, covering aspects such as customer focus, inventory management, planning and scheduling, procurement management, production operations and distribution.

C3 Improvement Techniques for Operations Management

This unit explains the concept of empowerment in the context of continuous change and includes team working, customer/supplier partnerships, training and motivation. This unit also looks at a quality driven approach to improvement and operational and investigative improvement techniques.

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