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Earlier, the profession of purchasing and supply management involved only sending out purchasing orders. Now, it has evolved a lot to include making and managing comprehensive contracts with tactical suppliers. So, purchasing and supply managers of today need to develop and refine their contract-making and contract-managing skills.

The Certified International Commercial Contracts Management course has been designed by the IPSCMI (International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute), an authoritative body in purchasing and supply chain management, to help business practitioners gain commercial contracts management skills.

This core certification from the IPSCMI confers the CICCM designation upon the candidates and makes them highly recognized in the international commercial environment. However, the training for this certification is not directly provided by the IPSCMI. It has tied up with individual alliance partners to provide this.

The Blue Ocean Academy is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, leading firm in providing training and education in the UAE. It has ignited the careers of numerous professionals from diverse industries. The academy intends to bridge the gap between knowledge and infrastructure to impart advanced skills to candidates and thus shape them into dynamic and highly competitive professionals. IPSCMI has collaborated with this esteemed institute to offer candidates the training for CICCM certification.

On what does the CICCM training program train the candidates on?

Multiple areas of contract management like administrative responsibilities, different contract types, supplier management concepts, dispute resolution procedures, financial responsibility procedures, contract administration concepts, the impacts of various  types of contracts on administration, administering contracts which need the usage of buyer-provided property, termination of contracts- procedure, work control procedures, compliance procedures, closeout of contracts-procedures, claim avoidance and processing, expediting procedures, and contract financing and payments are discussed during the training.

Who should take up the CICCM program?

Contract and business managers; lawyers involved in the contracting process; export-import dealers; professionals in contracts, supply chain management, materials and purchasing; international sales and marketing personnel; and anyone who wants to get trained in international commercial contracts management.

How do candidates benefit from the course?

The CICCM course helps candidates to enhance their commercial contracts management competencies. The successful completion of the certification program will help candidates to-

  • Gain knowledge in the concepts pertaining to contract administration.

  • Apply the right contract type suiting the contracting situation.

  • Gain international marketing skills.

  • Make sure that the purchasing organization satisfies its bit of the supplier- buyer agreement.

  • Make sure that the supplier’s performance and progress is as per the contract.

  • Resolve the arising issues (if any) during the contract term to protect the interests of the purchasing organization.

  • Discern the need for modifications in the contract, suggest impartial changes, and determine whether the supplier should shoulder the increased performance costs.

  • Maintain complete and precise and documentation and records of the contract.

This way, CICCM training and certification is beneficial to the candidates. We welcome you to get enrolled in the CICCM training program offered by the Blue Ocean Academy.

Register today for Contract Management certification training program : http://www.blueoceanacademy.in/courses/international-commercial-contracts.html