19 – 21 Aug 2014
Dubai, UAE

Decision making, long believed to be a cognitive skill has now been shown as an Emotive Skill. Dealing with one’s own stress, and developing better interpersonal relationships are the keys to profession al success. All of these are part of what is now called “Emotional Intelligence learning”.
EI is a learnt skill and interestingly enough, is the one aspect of us that can keep improving right throughout our lives.
This programme is an opportunity for participants to test their present EI levels (called EQ) and work out an action plan to improve the same.
The objective of this program will be to help participants to:
  • Testing EQ and analysing one’s own score
  • Understanding why people behave the way they do.
  • Improving the level of self-awareness and self-management as a tool better anger and stress management
  • Heightening the sense of empathy and social awareness, leading to better interpersonal relationships
  • Learning how to work with people and get the best out of them
  • Developing skills for decision making without being judgemental
  • Enabling participants to take better decisions
Benefits of the program for the organization:

Manpower equipped with new skills and knowledge to deliver desired output, helping the organization to achieve its goals and objectives efficiently and effectively through optimum utilization of resources in a much organized way.

Target Audience:
  • Middle management.
  • Anybody who is working in the corporate world, has interactions with people, takes decisions in the work area, or is living with work related stress will benefit from this programme.