About the Program:

This program aims at expanding the skills of the manager who wants to manage people, business objectives, team responsibilities and self-expectations.  This is a must attend session for the supervisor who has been promoted to a manager and has challenges in addressing the sudden growth of expectations

WHO should attend:

Retail Managers, Store Managers, Business Managers, Sales Managers, HR Managers, Finance managers, Operations Managers, Warehouse and Logistics Managers

Course Objectives:

  • Help participants gain understanding of skills, knowledge and attitude required to be an impactful manager
  • Transition the sudden shift in expectations and handling complex situations with team members and managers
  • Deliver business results as expected by the management
  • Manage Stakeholders across the board

What you will gain:

  • Know How to improve acceptance as a manager of people and objectives
  • Create a positive impression and structure career progression upwards
  • Learn skills needed to improve performance
  • Manage expectations and multiple viewpoint perspective of management

Program Content:

Module-wise Learning Journey _Description Day of Roll Out


Program Introduction & Participant Welcome Day 1
Module1 Understanding Roles of A First Time Manager

Elements and Objectives

Do’s & Don’ts of First Time Managers

Understanding Management Style Assessment

Day 1
Module 2  Setting Objectives

Defining Expectations from Upwards, Parallel and Downwards

Managing Stakeholders and Stakeholder Mapping

Managing Complex People Expectations & Perceptions

Gaining Confidence in managing Expectations


Day 1
Module 3 Delegating with Impact & Managing Results

Setting Expectations & Driving Accountability

Managing Time, Task and Team

Managing Morale and Motivating Teams

Day 1
Module 4 Assertive Communication

Complex & Difficult Discussions

Appealing to Emotion and Logic

Negotiations & Collaborations of Interests

Day 2
Module 5 Building a Business Case

Using Analytical tools to make impact

Alignment to business objectives

Day 2
Module 6 Team Dynamics and Stages of Team Formation

Roles For People to perform in teams

Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness

Using Tact and Diplomacy

Day 2