Get Certified In Shipping And Freight Forwarding

Coordinating the sending and shipment of goods from one international destination to another is called freight forwarding, and it can involve the use of multiple carriers. Freight forwarding is a service availed by companied which deal in multi-national or international export-import. A freight forward actually doesn’t move the freight, but performs the role of an intermediary between the different transportation services and the client. Efficient freight forwarding are cost-effective, maintain goods in good condition all through their travel, and ensure that they arrive at their destination on time. Freight forwarders are fluent in customs regulations, tariff negotiations and shipping requirements by air, rail, sea and land. They manage the benefits and risks of shipping both internationally and nationally used the recent developments in information technology. The Certified Shipping and Freight Forwarding Professional (CSFFP) is a training and certification course from the American Certification Institute (ACI), USA. This 8-week course intends to train you the latest trends of international trade and equip you to handle new challenges in the profession; and thus adds a competitive edge to your career. Who can attend? Numerous professionals in the Middle East are connected with international trading in various industries. These professionals lack formal training in shipping, export-import management, and international trade. So, officers, executives and senior managers who would have not availed any formal training previously can take up the course to sharpen their skills. What are the course’s objectives? Though millions of jobs are emerging in the field of Export-Import management/International Trading, most conglomerates and multinationals are having a hard time to fill the key positions. Realizing that training and certification is the need of the hour, the ACI has designed the CSFFP certification course. This course aims to provide delegates with a complete comprehension of techniques needed to effectively perform cross-border trading operations. Thus, it strives to train a new genre of dynamic international trade professionals, highly knowledgeable in the latest trends and equipped to face new challenges. What is the course curriculum? The CSFFP course curriculum has been constructed with the aim of helping candidates develop a thorough knowledge of shipping, export-import and international trade, in both applied and theoritical dimensions. Group presentations, case studies, field visits and discussions are utilizd to facilitate learning. Various theoritical and applied concepts are taught under topics including international trade; shipping documentation; INCO terms; documentary credit & UCP 600; letter of credit; shipping law and marine insurance; containerization, ports operations, shipping and logistics; and ship-shore interface, electronic commerce, and EDI. Wherefrom can I take up this course? The Blue Ocean Academy which has tied up with the ACI brings to you this course in Dubai. Those who would like to take it up can take it from this prestigious institution. Register today for  Certified Shipping and Freight Forwarding Professional visit :

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