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Supply chains are globally stretching because of the increasing globally-sourced manufacturing and active shipping lines. And logistics issues are increasingly becoming the top priority of multinational entities because of the increasing world trade demands. These have made “supply chain efficiency” an indispensable element in the global flow of goods and services. Airport and port operators are endeavoring to efficiently meet their speedily expanding customer needs.

CSFFP stands for Certified Shipping and Freight Forwarding Professional. It is a short certification and training program in freight forwarding, shipping, and international trade, designed to equip professionals to swiftly handle these needs. It aims at sharpening the skills of junior managers, officers and experienced executives. This article discusses the benefits that airport and port professionals can reap from taking up the CSFFP training program.

High demand

Multinationals, individual companies and conglomerates are striving to enhance the efficiency and quality of their services so that they can persist in a competitive business scenario. Hence, the demand for shipping/ logistics professionals is on the increasing trend.  And those with equipped new dynamic skill sets are being offered exciting job opportunities.

Knowledge and skills gain

The CSFFP program covers topics including Free Zone Operations, Freight Procedures, Dangerous Goods handling, Document Procedures, Insurance, Customs, Warehouse Management, and Import & Export Procedures. These aid individuals to knowing the ins and outs of the Shipping and Freight Forwarding industry.

Higher pays

Certifications usually aid professionals to earn better. A study says that certified individuals earn 48% higher than their uncertified colleagues. So, as you climb up the career ladder with the CSFFP certification, your salary increases too.

Quick recognition

Generally the entire course gets completed in 12 hours, which may be spread over the weekend or a series of days, depending upon the different course providers. During this short period, the course imparts its delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills gain; and makes his eligible for a plethora of exciting job opportunities and higher pays. Thus, he gains industry recognition in a short duration.


After successfully completing the CSFFP certification and training program, you are entitled to apply the CSFFP designation after your name. You can apply it just the way similar designations are used in the fields of law, insurance, medicine, engineering, etc. You can use it in your email signatures, stationery items, letter pads, etc to look professional.

Therefore, by taking up the CSFFP certification, operators in airports and ports can enjoy the above stated benefits. We encourage you to take up the course from the ISO 9001 : 2008 certified training and consultancy- the Blue Ocean Academy.