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The pandemic has led to a time of upheaval for businesses. Under the new normal where businesses have undergone a major change, adhering to the right methodology is imperative for them to thrive.

Problem-solving and process improvement lies at the core of Six Sigma. Following the principles of Six Sigma will create improvement within your work processes and prevent the wheels of your economy from falling apart.

Six Sigma deploys a set of management tools and techniques designed to improve business by reducing the likelihood of error. It is a data-driven problem-solving methodology that uses a statistical methodology for eliminating defects to create massive improvement within your workplace, something which organizations are in dire need of during this Covid-19 era.

Join us in the Six Sigma webinar to know how you can prevent disruptions and reduce wastage in your processes.

Key areas to be focussed on in the webinar:

  • Understanding the adverse impact Covid-19 has brought on businesses
  • Ways to how businesses can achieve the right parameters for survival
  • Six Sigma process – methodologies and effectiveness
  • Why Six Sigma is a must for professionals in this pandemic age

Remember, in a volatile environment like how it is in the present, businesses need a scientific, experimental approach yielding continuous improvement for them to thrive, and Six Sigma fits the bill perfectly

  • Forum :Six Sigma Forum
  • Webinar :Six Sigma Webinar
  • Topic :How Six Sigma is Helping Businesses Thrive in the New Normal Era
  • Date :16th August 2021
  • Time :7.00 – 9.00pm (Dubai, UAE Time)
  • Phone :+971 5668 354 64
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