HR-Metaverse IHRC 2022 Highlights

  Metaverse IHRC 2022 Highlights Our deepest gratitude to patron HE Sheikh Nahayan bin Mabarak Al Nahayan for extending his support to us. Witness HE praising Blue Ocean’s for aligning the purpose of the event with UAE’s objective. The objective of sustainable human capital development has been one of our greatest honours. Chief Guest Sheikh Nahyan addressed a global audience about how focused the UAE has been on building the nation’s human capital since 1971. In addition to that, UAE under the leadership of President HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan will continue to succeed. He will succeed in creating a balanced and peaceful society for all. They have targeted the IHRC at unleashing the metaverse’s potential in HR through its impactful keynotes and panel discussions. Thanks to all the Speakers.

Dr. Sangeeth Ibrahim started with “Reimagining the Future of Work through Metaverse”. He shares insights on how the acceleration of digital and broader business transformation has given rise to hybrid workspaces. Also, how from an HR perspective, Metaverse is set to be a game-changer.
Marie Louise Ek shared her perspective of looking at DE&I from different angles and how technology and innovation can help HR leaders. It can help them reach new and different capabilities. Also, it can help them gain access to a broader talent pool. This is through the keynote "Role of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in HR Strategy." Douglas Kent delved into “Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Global Learning and Intelligence” sharing how systems can learn and evolve through experience, and how AI can undertake certain tasks with greater efficiency and scale than a human could. Abdul Azeez explored how “Available Intelligence comes before Artificial Intelligence”, and is instrumental in leveraging the productivity of human capital and helping organizations attain business goals, which is why HR leaders must leave no stone unturned in identifying and optimizing the employee potential. Dr. Sajeev Nair spoke on “Biohacking for Peak Performance”, exploring connections between the humanverse and metaverse. He also spoke about how optimizing employee wellness via technology will enhance productivity, eventually increasing organizational profitability. Haitham Samman, through the "Driving Organizational Change in the Digital Era", shared how important it is to stay in a constant state. A constant state of change to achieve a more revolutionized future. Also, what are some of the progressive ways for the workforce to adopt change in the digital era?
Mohamed Al Hijan spoke of “Augmenting Employee Experience to the Next-level Through Metaverse” discussing how Metaverse can act as a key enabler in HR automation & AI practice and leverage employee engagement.
Dr. Jasim Al Ali offered insights on “HR leadership Fostering a Culture of Innovation” perspectives, and how the new-age workforce and culture keeps on evolving, with HR playing a critical role in aligning these renewed practices for fostering productivity. Aysha Sulaiman, Sergio Synder, Dr. Sajeev Nair, and V S Ramachandran  through “Blockchain in HR Practices – Lending Transparency and Trust”, focussed on how the new age work culture is prompting HR leaders to embrace Blockchain, plus the benefits and hurdles coming out of it. The session “Is Metaverse for all” saw George Jayesh, Vignesh Menon, Sanjeev Pradhan Roy and Lama Atoui delving into the buzzword "Metaverse". This word has stirred both conventional and unconventional businesses, and analyzing aspects like where it leads us to. Is it a convenient approach for all etc. Ausra Antanavičienė, Mona AlHebsi, Monica Hernandez Alarcon, Natalja Kissina and Nirmal Raj Nair explored metaverse. How it can act as a key enabler for “Driving Business Value through Employee Experience”. Also, its fundamentals that we can take from this universe to the metaverse etc. Dr. Sathya Menon, Marie Louise Ek, Manish Mohan Misra, Mohamed Al Hijan and Douglas Kent were seen cracking codes. Codes on “Transforming HR Strategy through AI and Data Science” through the translation of business strategies into HR strategies. A big thank you to Sponsors Limoverse, W Group, Hypermedia, Digital, Peikko Group, and Wealth I Corporate Service Provider. Also, Khaleej Times, APICS Pluto Travels, Arabian Business Centre, Metasportech, G Links, Quality Catalyst Pvt. Ltd. Lastly, Adduba Events and Beyond Boundaries.
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