Learn what it takes to work at one of the airline industry’s most visible airport positions and obtain the skills you need to provide assistance and related passenger services at the check-in, gate and concourse of your airport.

  • Understand how airlines and airports operate in relation to the provision of passenger services. Learn about passenger and baggage check-in & boarding procedures, including passengers with special needs• Interpret the respective regulatory requirements related to passenger and baggage transport
    • Understand how computer reservations and departure control systems operate
    • Ensure safe and secure passenger & baggage transport
    • Provide superior customer service in a demanding customer facing environment
    • Learn about the latest technological innovations in passenger services
    • Add value to existing and future employers looking to hire and retain knowledgeable and high performing personnel
    Ground staff, Guest Services Agent, Customer Service Agent, Ground Handler

Passenger Ground Services Course Contents: 

  • Introduction to Airport & Airline Ground Operations
  • Computer Reservations and Departure Control Systems Function
  • Check-In Procedures for Passengers and their Baggage (Airport & Off-Site)
  • Conditions of Carriage, Boarding Procedures and Close-out Messaging
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • Managing Passenger Interactions
  • Aviation Security Requirements for Passengers and Baggage
  • Enhanced Passenger Facilitation
  • Future in the Industry

Passenger Service Agent, sometimes referred to as flight customer service agent, is responsible for the administrative and customer service of travelers. Like flight attendants, passenger service agents are responsible for meeting the needs and safety requirements of passengers and airport personnel. They assist customers before and after a flight. Passenger service agents also provide support for other airport personnel, including pilots and engineers.

Our IATA Passenger Service Agent course comes with an Internship Option at Sharjah Airport (Sharjah Aviation) 

Passenger service agents work to ensure the smooth travel of anyone who boards an airplane. These entry-level positions are available at airports and airlines. There’s no post secondary education requirement for this career, though this position does require a high school diploma or equivalent (such as a GED). In addition, previous customer service experience can be key to employment.

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Passenger Service Agent Duties and Responsibilities

While specific duties vary based on employer, there are several core tasks that all passenger service agents perform. Based on our analysis of job listings, these include:

Issue Tickets

Passenger service agents issue airline tickets for clients, checking if their requested dates of flight are available and then reserving seats and preparing itineraries accordingly. It’s also up to them to handle itinerary rebookings and cancellations.

Assist with Check-In

An important responsibility of passenger service agents is assisting with airport check-ins. Before clients embark on a flight, they must go through the ticket counter first, where passenger service agents examine their ticket, passport, and other identifying documents, and confirm their flight details. Afterward, clients receive their printed boarding pass.

Process Luggage

Toward the end of check-in, passenger service agents process luggage and ensure that it complies with the airline’s restrictions. If luggage exceeds weight limits, service agents charge additional fees. The next step is attaching luggage tags and coordinating with ramp agents
to place luggage on the correct flight.

Facilitate Boarding

Passenger service agents facilitate passenger boarding onto flights. They use a public address system to announce when boarding may start, and they control entrance by accepting passengers based on seating arrangement and boarding pass verification.

Provide Information

Passengers can approach passenger service agents for information about their flight and check-in procedures, to inquire about directions, or to request assistance with concerns such as lost luggage. Passenger service agents also announce changes to flight details and handle complaints.

Passenger Ground Service Agent Job Description and Qualifications

Passenger service agents are committed to creating a smooth, pleasant experience for customers. They assess documents quickly, respond to inquiries and complaints, and remain calm under pressure. Employers also look for the following skills:

  • Customer service – of all an airline’s staff members, passenger service agents spend the most time talking directly to customers. Ideally, they are mindful of customers’ needs while maintaining a courteous, professional attitude in all situations
  • Attention to detail – since passenger service agents inspect boarding passes, passports, and other paperwork, they must be detail-oriented, looking for inconsistencies and double-checking for accuracy
  • Communication skills – passenger service agents have good oral communication skills. They convey information such as seating arrangements and boarding schedules clearly, and they give thorough explanations in response to inquiries
  • Cultural sensitivity – many of the people that passenger service agents interact with in their work come from different countries or have varied cultural backgrounds, so cultural sensitivity is essential
  • Data entry – passenger service agents efficiently input passenger data into computer systems during ticket reservations and check-ins and retrieve these as necessary