International Certification in Gulf Countries

Dubai: The Middle East has witnessed a spurt in the popularity of internationally certified courses, said Dr. Leroy McGraw, president of the prestigious U.S.-based International Purchase and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI). He was speaking at the 22nd convocation ceremony of UAE’s leading management training institution, Blue Ocean Academy in Dubai recently.
“Globally, the Gulf countries are heading the market growth in international certification,” revealed Dr. Leroy while delivering his keynote speech titled “Why Global Companies Need Certified Professionals.” The glittering convocation ceremony was held at the Dhow Palace Hotel in Dubai and well attended by students, patrons and faculty members. More than 300 students conferred international certificates from apex certifying bodies. These bodies include the American Certification Institute, International Quality Federation, Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai. It also included the International Purchase and Supply Chain Management Institute in Delaware, U.S., during the occasion. “Certification builds business competence among individuals, employees and within organizations. In today’s increasingly competitive world, professionals are seeking international certification to enhance employability while keeping pace with the latest market trends,” highlighted Mr. Sathya Menon, Managing Director, Academics, Blue Ocean Academy. “The value of an international certification in Logistics and Supply Chain has increased immensely in the Middle Eastern countries. Increasingly, professionals are safeguarding their careers and validating their skills through international certifications. It is a benchmark of competence and a leading credential for professionals in,” Mr. Menon added. Blue Ocean Academy is IPSCMI’s primary alliance partner in the Middle East. “Blue Ocean has been unstinting and persevering in its marketing efforts to make IPSCMI and its certifications known and respected throughout the Middle East. IPSCMI could have no better alliance partner than Blue Ocean,” highlighted Dr. Leroy.
“Blue Ocean has displayed superiority in every respect. Instructors and courses have consistently earned the highest evaluations from students and certification candidates. It has been a matter of privilege for the IPSCMI to be associated with the Blue Ocean. We are looking forward to reaching new milestones in the future.”
“The journey towards educational excellence has largely been punctuated by professional growth and success. The courage, commitment and conviction that our students have displayed at the workplace bears testimony to the Blue Ocean training. There is nothing more satisfying than to see them prospering in their career,” said Blue Ocean Marketing Director, Mr. Abdul Azeez. The growth in certification programs is a reaction to the changing employment market. International certifications are portable. Since they do not depend on a company's definition of a certain job, Dr. Leroy said in his keynote speech. “At the same time, companies are keen to hire certified professionals. Those that are demonstrating to customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that industry-respected best practices are in use,” he added. “Blue Ocean knows what the Middle East training and certification markets need and want. IPSCMI has in the past collaborated with Blue Ocean in developing new programs suggested by Blue Ocean. They believe this process will continue in the future. IPSCMI will also propose to Blue Ocean programs which other regions of the world have found appropriate and rewarding to students and candidates,” Dr. Leroy added.
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