Leading High Performance Teams Program

Course Introduction:

Teamwork can overcome every hurdle. Every good leader needs to ensure that the team never becomes dysfunctional. True leaders need to be in constant touch with best leadership practices so that they can well manage and motivate teams to deliver results of the highest level. The Leading High Performance Teams Training Course is an advanced way for professionals to rise from being individual contributors to role models. Gain practical skills and real insights from this training to have a clear vision about your role as a team leader and how to lead and engage teams to achieve outcomes aligned with organizational growth.  

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the characteristics of high-performing efficient teams
  • Understand various leadership styles and their impact on team performance
  • Set clear goals and targets for teams to work on
  • Delegate duties through consensus and ensure fair distribution of work
  • Use team members' individual distinctions as a gateway to improved team performance
  • Carry out team building exercises to keep team members motivated and focussed
  • Obtaining regular feedback from all team members to avoid disputes and resolve challenges
  • Monitor and measure the performance and progress of the team

Course Modules:

  • Module 1 - Introduction to high performance teams
  • Module 2 - Different leadership styles and their impact
  • Module 3 – Learn the stages of developing a team
  • Module 4 – How to create an inclusive team environment
  • Module 5 – Decision-making techniques and building consensus
  • Module 6 – Conflict resolution and team bonding techniques
  • Module 7 – Defining roles and responsibilities within the team
  • Module 8 – Assessment of performance of team and measuring progress
  • Module 9 - Motivation theories and strategies
  • Module 10 – Ways to maximize team performance

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