Course Introduction:

This corporate course is structured to equip participants with fundamental skills and knowledge to enhance their proficiency in using Microsoft Word. The course is a perfect pick for individuals who are desiring to gain a comprehensive foundation for creating, formatting, and editing documents effectively regardless of their current knowledge in using the software.

Course Objective

  • Understand the fundamentals of PowerPoint software.
  • Develop the ability to create and edit presentations.
  • Learn to use keyboard shortcuts to improve your efficiency and speed, while using PowerPoint
  • Understand how to incorporate multimedia elements, such as images, videos, and charts.
  • Master in techniques for effective storytelling and content structuring.
  • Become proficient in delivering presentations confidently.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • Module 2: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Module 3: Customizing Paragraph Indents, Line & Paragraph Spacing
  • Module 4: Document Creation and Text Editing
  • Module 5: Document Layout and Page Setup
  • Module 6: Text wrapping and positioning