Negotiation Techniques Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP course
Negotiation Techniques Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP course

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the critical issues that influence the outcome of a negotiation process by using NLP techniques
  • Negotiate with confidence using anchoring and develop greater negotiation consciousness
  • Apply the proven negotiation concepts/theories in the real world added together with NLP techniques
  • Develop an effective negotiation strategy that is flexible and appropriate in various circumstances
  • Produce a legally binding contract that incorporates all of the negotiated terms and


Course Outline

Module 1: NLP Basic

Module 2: Negotiation Skills Basic

  • The nature if negotiations
  • Critical components underlying the negotiation process
  • Success and failures in negotiations – Win-Win Mode

Module 3: Practical Negotiation Framework

  • Seven elements to successful principled negotiations
  • Negotiating with confidence using NLP Anchoring Process
  • Guidelines for negotiating in different situations

Module 4: Handling Relationship Issues in Negotiations

  • Building good working negotiation relationships
  • Elements of dealing well with differences
  • Reciprocity as a relationship-building strategy
  • Putting Rapport Building (NLP) to Work to Your Advantage

Module 5: Negotiation Paradigms

  • Recognizing different system of negotiations
  • Choosing a system: Pros and Cons of different systems
  • Principled negotiation dynamics

Module 6: Tactics for Handling Difficult Negotiators

  • Handling difficult negotiators and situations
  • Neutralizing hardball tactics
  • Silence as a negotiation tool with NLP techniques

Module 7: The Power of Preparation

  • A systematic approach to preparation
  • The 7 elements approach to preparation

Module 8: The Art of Negotiating

  • Reading using non-verbal communication – Eye Patterns
  • Using questions and listening skills to control negotiations
  • Controlling negotiation climate using NLP Techniques
  • Breaking negotiation deadlocks

Module 9: Negotiation Action Plan

  • Evaluating negotiating skill
  • Personal action plan for successful negotiation
  • Creating lasting commitment to negotiation skills
  • Recognizing and developing negotiation styles