A leadership position requires the holder to perform a number of roles simultaneously: strategist, team-builder, innovator, decision-maker, mentor and leader. Success at a supervisory level involves learning and integrating the requirements of these roles with a degree of confidence and assurance.

This seminar is designed specifically for those holding Managers, Supervisor or Team Leader role and those who have the potential and capabilities of developing into one of these roles within an administration/secretarial environment. Whatever the title if they are or could be responsible for others then this seminar will prepare, assist or develop their levels of competence and performance.

In this Training you will learn to:

  • Be effectively equipped to make the transition from a hands on role to a leadership role
  • To develop a portfolio of knowledge, skills and competences to lead a team to success
  • Understand your own personality and motivation profiles, how this applies to team members and how you can utilize this to get the best from others
  • Build upon your existing capability and act as a role model to others

The objective of this program will be to help participants to:

  • Gain an better awareness of your portfolio of competences
  • Monitor and adapt your own personality and behaviors for your benefit and that of your Team & Department
  • Have a positive influence on the emotions an motivation of others
  • Adaptability in dealing with different personalities
  • Improve your overall communication skills
  • To best implement the objectives of the company & your manager
  • Improve your time management
  • Understand the basics of self & team motivation
  • Better able to manage difficult people & situations
  • Understand and practice different Leadership Styles
  • Improved your memory skills
  • Understand your own personality profile and how this shapes behavior
  • Able to understand others personality and how this knowledge can be used to promote effective behavior and outcomes
  • Reflect on your performance in exercises conducted

Benefits of the program for the organization:

Manpower equipped with new skills and knowledge to deliver desired output, helping the organization to achieve its goals and objectives efficiently and effectively through optimum utilization of resources in a much organized way.

Target Audience:

  • Managers,
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Those are seen to have leadership potential within an Administrative/Secretarial environment.