This workshop provides practical guidance in the application of the techniques of the economic analysis currently used in the oil & gas industry. When executing a petroleum related project, such as a field development, you should be able to choose the best alternative from economic point of view. You should be able to properly evaluate various investment opportunities by determining economic indicators and sensitivity analysis. Techniques for predicting profit, production, costs, and cash flow enable the analyst to evaluate decision alternatives for optimum results. Understanding economic indicators, risk and uncertainty, different economic structures such as tax regimes and production sharing contracts, enhances the quality and the value of economic analysis.
The objective of this program will be to help participants to:
  • Understand various economic terms used in the oil & gas industry
  • Understand how to develop economic models of various petroleum fiscal regimes
  • Carry out cash flow analysis and determine economic indicators
  • Carry out different economic analyses for petroleum related projects
  • Evaluate and quantify risks and uncertainties
  • Make the right investment decision in the presence of risk
  • Carry out a comprehensive economic evaluation study for any petroleum related project including risk analysis and sensitivity study using spreadsheet
Benefits of the program for the organization:

Manpower equipped with new skills and knowledge to deliver desired output, helping the organization to achieve its goals and objectives efficiently and effectively through optimum utilization of resources in a much organized way.

Target Audience:
  • Engineers
  • Geologists
  • Economists
  • Accountants
  • Technicians who need to learn how to conduct economic evaluation and to understand the role of petroleum economics in investment decision making.
  • This workshop is also recommended for supervisors & managers in the Planning, Exploration, Production, Projects, Financing and Technical Departments in Oil & Gas Companies