Planning and Organizing Skills Program

The two most significant phases in management cycle are planning and organizing. It is necessary for people to plan well ahead of time to be capable of coordinating their activities well and to get efficient and effective results. This holds true for the human resources in organizations as well. This will increase the productivity which in turn will usher in a happier and more rewarding work life. The Planning and Organizing Skills Training program is a well designed, knowledge-based and well-researched course for this purpose. The Planning and Organizing Skills program The Planning and Organizing Skills program is a 2-day course which helps incorporate the right planning and forward looking skills in its participants. This would help teams to work in a more organized and well-managed manner. Target Audience All professionals in the managerial positions who seek to enhance their forecasting and planning skills should opt for this course. So, managers, team leaders, supervisors, support staff and shift leaders from all departments can benefit from attending this program. For, being well organized pays both the employee and the employer well. The Program’s Outline The program is a proven approach which trains its participants on a variety of valuable subjects under change management and adaptability, planning and organizing, time management, and planning for self. These help them understand the basics of planning and organization, and productivity drivers and personal time management. The program also takes into account the holistic personal development of the delegates and introduces them to the knowledge, attitude and skills needed to behave and deal efficiently with their daily work routines. This program helps its participants to:
  • Realize the importance of planning.
  • Plan effectively.
  • Forecast changes, and plan well ahead for them.
  • Enhance their planning skills.
  • Manage their time effectively.
  • Appreciate the importance of organizing.
  • Improve their organizing skills.
  • Recognize the skills required for organizing.
  • Coordinate activities so that deviation from standards is prevented.
  • Construct a work environment which is conducive for high performance.
The Planning and Organizing Skills program is a comprehensive training solution which helps the staff to learn a range of planning and organizing techniques; equips them to pan and work in team; and offers greater control and confidence over their immediate work environment. All of these work to enhance productivity, effective leadership, career progression, job satisfaction, and overall positive personal growth. Register today for Planning and Organizing Skill Training visit :

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