Planning and organizing are the most important phases in management cycle. It is essential for people to plan well in advance to be able to coordinate their activities well and bring about effective and efficient results. This program would help you incorporate the skills of right planning and forward looking. Helping your teams to work in a more organized and managed environment.
Program Outline

Day 1


  • What is change? Why change? How and how much change is required?
  • How change management is essential to forecast planning.


  • Understanding planning and organizing.
  • Phases in planning.
  • Tools for planning.
  • Mind Mapping
  • How to set effective goals and objectives for organization and teams.

Day 2


  • Art of organizing tasks.
  • Prioritizing the tasks.
  • Urgent & Important tasks.
  • Delegating wisely.


  • Developing a career strategy.
  • Performance planning.
  • Sharpening your personal goals.
  • Equip yourself for succession planning.
Objectives/ Outcomes of program
  • Ability to forecast changes to plan for them in advance.
  • Manage your time effectively.
  • Coordinate activities to avoid deviation from standards.
  • Build a high performance work environment.
Target audience
  • All managers and team leaders, who wish to improve their forecasting and planning skills..
Planning and Organizing Skills Training Duration Day Timing Venue Fees
4-May-2020 2FD MON & TUE 10am-5 PM Dubai USD 990
3-Aug-2020 2FD MON & TUE 10am-5 PM Dubai USD 990
2-Nov-2020 2FD MON & TUE 10am-5 PM Dubai USD 990