Premier Logistics and Supply Chain Courses for Career Opportunities

In the past few years, the importance of logistics and Supply Chain Management Training has seen significant growth. This is because, every industry needs to effectively and efficiently obtain goods, store and dispatch those. Numerous employment opportunities are offered by this industry to candidates who are knowledgeable in logistics. All retail organizations have a logistics and supply chain management system where job opportunities are open to all graduates. However, higher demand is for highly skilled certified professionals. Specific training and certification programs in logistics and supply chain management can impart the expected skillsets, disciplines and adaptability. This can help them get into positions that can earn them lucrative wages. The International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI) brings you one such courses. It is called the CISCP- CISCM. It is a premier certification well-recognized in the field of logistics and supply chain. The IPSCMI offers it by tying up with a global network of alliance partners. The CISCP program The Certified International Supply Chain Professional  program has been designed to introduce the candidates to candidate to the different concepts of global transportation and logistics as applicable to international supply chain management. Candidates will gain a comprehension of the principles of supply chain management, business logistics, and international governmental issues involved in procuring source materials and placing products at the right time, for the right price, and at the right location. The CISCM program The Certified International Supply Chain Manager Training  program has been designed to make candidates aware of the impact of logistical decision-making on other aspects of the company’s objectives and goals; and of the changes in the field introduced by the increased use of technology. Candidates who are CISCM certification can alone get enrolled into this program. By taking up the training for this program, candidates will-
  • Comprehend transportation, manufacturing environment, manufacturing systems, purchasing, and warehousing management as they relate to Supply Chain Management.

  • Gain skills pertaining to the management of the firm’s materials (inbound management) and distribution (outbound flow) of products.

  • Comprehend the basics of negotiation and economics.

  • Comprehend the fundamentals of the logistics function.

  • Gain a broader view of the financial impact of logistical decision making, the importance of network design, and the need of relationship development and management in logistics partnerships.

  • Gain skills, abilities and knowledge in logistics and supply chain management, planning tasks, and forecasting.

  • Comprehend transportation economics.

Thus, the CISCP- CISCM certification would be beneficial to logistics professionals working in any sector. The Blue Ocean Academy in UAE is one of IPSCMI’s alliance partners. This academy offers world-class training by bringing industry experts to impart knowledge on various concepts. We encourage you to take up the training for CISCP – CISCM certification by enrolling with this academy. Those who are hard pressed for time can take up its CISCP- CISCM fast track training. Register today for supply chain management certification :  

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