Is It Really Worthy For Professionals To Get Pmp Certified?

Professionals who decide to take up a certification course to facilitate their career upliftment often wonder if it is really worthy for them to get PMP certified. This article is written for such people so that they can understand the pros and cons of the same. It can brighten your resume PMP certification is a global standard for project managers. Its presence in your resume can set you apart from the thousands of uncertified applicants for a job. So, it can make the hiring authority favor your over your uncertified counterparts. This is because the certification validates your knowledge and skills in this field, and employers look for it. For, they know that you will are well equipped to handle projects efficiently and effectively, and so they can tie your project results to their business goals. It proves your experience in project management For applying to take up the PMP exam, it is mandatory that you have attained a specified amount of experience in directing and leading projects. Thus, a PMP credential after your name if a proof that you are experienced in project management. It equips you to earn better Having PMP certification enables you to earn higher income than the uncertified project managers. A survey conducted in 2008 established the fact that PMP is the highest paid IT certification. Another survey stated that PMP salaries are increasing continually. If you check the salary of PMP certified project managers over the net, you will find that they annually earn $6,000 to $10,000 USD more than the non-PMPs. You will find that they earn about 10 to 15% more wages than their uncertified colleagues. It gives you opportunities for networking and placement PMP certification allows you to link with the plenty of other PMPs all over the world. You can network with them and advance yourself in your career field by learning from them. You also get invited to meetings for PMPs where you are presented with fresh career opportunities. It demonstrates your commitment to the project management profession When you are PMP certified, it means that you have spent some quality time and efforts to attain the certification. This indicates that you are committed to some extent to your project management profession. Though you may not plan to serve your entire life managing projects,, you have understood the importance of PMP certification as a forward step in your career, and this itself reveals your career commitment. Now that we have presented you with the list of pros of PMP certification, we would let you know the cons associated. Getting PMP certified costs some money; it is time consuming; and you have to clear an exam. But remember ‘no pain, no gain!’ We encourage you to take up the PMP certification course offered by the world class training and certification provider – the Blue Ocean Academy. Register today for Project Management  certification and  training visit :

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