Root cause problem solving is a one day exclusive program to develop problem solving skills and approach

root cause and problem solving


The aim of this course is to develop structured and efficient problem solving competency to any level of individuals in business
• Explain the importance of problem solving within your operation
• Teach you how to identify problems and drive problem solving activity in your business.
• Explain the PDCA method and how to apply it within your team
• Provide a brief overview of some of the common tools available to help you solve basic problem


The learners get new perspective and thinking on how to approach and solve business problems

Course Content:

Module  1: Define the problem
Module  2: Break the problem into issues
Module  3: Eliminate all non-key issues
Module 4: Issue analysis and work plan
Module 5: Conduct critical analysis
Module 6: Pull together findings and build argument
Module 7: Prepare your success story presentation