Short Duration Courses in Purchasing

Purchasing or procurement refers to the process of getting the services and/or goods needed by a company for managing its working model. Developing quality standards, negotiating prices, financing purchases, inventory control, buying goods, and waste products disposal are all the aspects involved in procurement. In short, procurement or purchasing is the process of getting the required goods. Certification programs in the field of purchasing The American Purchasing Society (APS) is a professional association of purchasing managers and buyers. It was the pioneer organization to establish certifications for purchasing professionals and buyers. Its certifications are considered very prestigious for individuals involved in purchasing. Two of the world's most sought qualifications in the purchasing and supply chain field are CPP and CPPM certifications. CPP stands for Certified Purchasing Professional Training and CPPM for Certified Professional Purchasing Manager Training. The program imparts its delegates with a good comprehension of aspects such as human resource management, systems and relationship management, quality management, procurement, and purchasing practices. It also enables delegates to develop operational guidelines and performance standards to enhance purchasing efficiency. Moreover, through this course, candidates learn to create and practice a code of ethical standards for handling purchasing operations. Benefits of CPP and CPPM certifications The CPP certification and CPPM certification from the APS offer candidates with several significant benefits. These are listed below:
  • These certifications demonstrate to the present and potential employers that that the candidate possesses a solid educational foundation in purchasing and supply chain management.  So, they enjoy lucrative career in logistics.
  • These certifications help professionals earn higher wages. A survey by the Purchasing Magazine reveals that they earn 48% more salary than non certified professionals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2015 reported that purchasing managers earned an average salary of $114,130.
  • As these certifications symbolize accomplishment and knowledge, colleagues and employers regard it highly.
  • Since these certifications make candidates world-class purchasing professionals with updated knowledge and skills, they are equipped to bring unprecedented outcomes in attaining better operational performance, minimizing risk, and saving on the costs. So, they enjoy favorable hiring decisions.
The CPP and CPPM certifications are offered at one single go in a dual-certification program by the Blue Ocean Academy. It has been designed specifically for purchasing professionals with busy schedules and stringent deadlines. It helps them to complete the program in 4 to 6 days, by tremendously cutting short the duration of the one and a half years program. We encourage you to take up this fast track mode program from the Blue Ocean Academy, and get benefitted.

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