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Employee voice is one of the most important assets to navigate organizational change. Organizations have never been under so much pressure — keeping their customers and people safe and their businesses viable. Employee satisfaction only indicates how happy or content your employees are. Engaging employees is critical for retaining valuable talent and is an important piece of the employee satisfaction puzzle as disengaged employees are more likely to leave their jobs.
Firms are examining ways to make an entire social contribution and they need to do so by looking inside the organization by improving employee engagement.
Webinar highlights :

  • Employee Engagement: Going beyond employee satisfaction
  • Benefits of Employee Engagement
  • Building an employee-centric organization
  • Implementing a successful employee engagement program
  • Action planning and implementation of results
  • Importance of benchmarking in employee engagement
  • Reskilling in the age of COVID


  • Forum :HR Forum
  • Seminar :HR Webinar
  • Topic :The new math of employee engagement
  • Date :14th Feb 2021
  • Time :7.00 – 8.30pm (Dubai, UAE Time)
  • Phone :+971 5458 156 20
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