UAE Government spearheads the combat against pandemic through excellence

UAE Government spearheads the combat against pandemic through excellence

2020 was a year when the world faced a crisis which proved that even the cutting-edge technology, research and advancement in the medical field can become helpless sometimes. The only factor that helped the world to survive the grave scenario was the determination of human beings to face even the worst crisis. UAE has set an example for the world with its fight against Covid-19. The precautionary measures and the efforts of the healthcare workers and the ministry has helped to control the spread of the virus. As it is rightly said by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, “Our message to everyone here in the UAE and abroad is that the UAE has no option but to excel and move ahead. Retreat is never an option.” The UAE has topped 121 indicators globally and 479 regionally in 2020, even as the world fights the pandemic. It is also among the top 10 countries in 314 indicators, according to a report presented to the Cabinet by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority. Even during the pandemic, UAE was able to make remarkable achievements including limiting the spread of the virus, launching the probe named Hope to Mars- the Arab world's first interplanetary mission, and operating the first nuclear power plant. The country has proved that we must not focus on the crisis but on the opportunity.

Blue Ocean leading through the crisis

Being in a country that strives to be the best in the world, Blue Ocean Academy has also embraced a similar path. It is one of the few training institutes in the UAE that started online training at the beginning of the crisis. While even the top companies succumbed to the crisis, Blue Ocean supported its students, staff and the public. The organization started online training and worked with the available resources. It also helped the students and individuals in the Middle East and Africa with free training initiatives.

Online training

Even before the Government Authorities clamped down on traditional face-to-face training programs, Blue Ocean Management planned to switch to online training methods, foreseeing that the pandemic will not go away quickly. Necessary software licenses were procured immediately and all staff, particularly the faculty, were trained on how to use the digital platforms. While most training organizations were fumbling and undecided on how to handle the situation, Blue Ocean literally zoomed its way to digital training. Blue Ocean has completed more than 7000 hours of online training so far.

Blue Ocean ramps up CSR initiatives during Covid19!

Strange but true, the Academy conducted several CSR activities for its students and other professionals which was a great relief for the people who had to halt their training plans due to the unexpected situation. Free training was offered to its students and in particular to the citizens of the UAE, Oman, Azerbaijan and Nigeria and also for the hardworking healthcare professionals in the UAE who have done remarkable service in the country for containing the virus. The course fee was reduced to encourage students to continue learning and in some deserving cases, free scholarships were also given. Just prior to the shutdown, the first Blue Ocean Women’s Leadership Development (BOWLD) Conference was held which was attended by more than 200 delegates comprising leading women entrepreneurs, academicians, and high achievers. The event’s theme ‘Women in corporate-breaking the glass ceiling’ was well appreciated by the attendees.

What is new at Blue Ocean Academy?

Blue Ocean Academy has launched a number of new programs to provide wider learning opportunities to the students. Certification in Quality Management and Risk Assessment As the competition in the market has increased phenomenally, organizations are striving to improve quality at any cost. It requires deliberate efforts from the part of the employees to assess the risks and look for areas of improvement. The Certification in Quality Management and Risk Assessment will help students to understand the Quality Management Systems (QMS) and ISO standards.

Certification in Supply Chain Leadership

The Certification in Supply Chain Leadership focusses on developing the skills required to manage complex supply chains and deal with disruptive events. The learners can develop healthy relationships with stakeholders, create a culture of sustainability and corporate social responsibility and ensure business continuity.

Certification in Distribution and Transportation

Several changes have occurred in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry. Professionals working in this field must be able to manage the changing scenarios to ensure the optimal performance of the supply chain. The Certification in Distribution and Transportation emphasizes on understanding distribution in modern times, mastering inventory and materials management.

Certification in International Trading

The Certification in International Trading is the program designed for professionals who wish to succeed in the global market. It will help them to make beneficial and cost-effective international transactions for their organizations. It focusses on understanding Incoterms, resolving disputes with the help of arbitration, preparing import & export documents and understanding future trends in global trade.

Certification in Shipping and Freight Forwarding

The Certification in Shipping and Freight Forwarding is ideal for freight forwarding professionals to ensure secure, reliable and cost-effective transportation. The course aims at making the participants able to reduce the complexities in freight forwarding and deliver the products at the right place and at the right time. The participants will learn the role of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the significance of containers and containerization, shipping documentation and marine insurance.

SHRM- The prestigious HR qualification

Blue Ocean Academy now offers the prestigious SHRM certification programs for all the aspiring as well as seasoned HR professionals. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a USA-based professional human resources membership association that elevates the HR profession through its certification, member network, research, and lobbying activities. The certification from SHRM is one of the most recognized qualifications in HR. With a membership of 300,000+ in over 165 countries, SHRM impacts the lives of over 115 Million employees and their families, worldwide. Programs Offered by Blue Ocean Academy include

SHRM Advanced/Masters Certificate in HR Management

SHRM Advanced Certificate in HR Management aims to educate HR practitioners who are at the early stages of their careers or those who do not have any formal education in the field. This is a globally recognized certification developed using the SHRM Body of Competency & Knowledge (SHRM BoCK).


The SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) is specifically designed for seasoned HR professionals whose primary responsibility is centered on managing the operational and administrative aspects of HR Management in their respective organizations. It is particularly suitable for the early-to-mid career HR professionals who implement policies and strategies, serve as a point of contact for staff and stakeholders, deliver HR services, and perform operational HR functions.


SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) is designed for senior HR professionals whose primary duties encompass the management of strategic matters in their organizations. Typically, these will be HR professionals who develop strategies, lead the HR function, foster influence in the community, analyze performance metrics, and align HR strategies to organizational goals.

Warehouse Consultancy

Increasing profit is the ultimate aim of all organizations regardless of their industry. The most important factor that drives business growth and revenue is efficient supply chain management. The Warehouse Consultancy project at Blue Ocean aims to help organizations to improve warehouse operations and resolve the issues related to inventory management, space management and order fulfilment. The multiple award-winning consultants and trailblazers in Supply Chain Management at Blue Ocean Academy will visit your organization, identify the bottlenecks that affect your warehouse management and come up with innovative solutions to improve productivity. We have a proven track record in business process reengineering. More than 600 companies have benefitted from the Warehouse Consultancy projects. No two organizations are the same. So, we will design a customized program and implementation plan for your company after the site visit.

Blue Ocean Webinars

Free webinars provided another great opportunity for the professionals to learn the best practices in the industry from our experienced faculty. In the last 6 months alone, Blue Ocean has conducted about 60 webinars attended by more than 4,000 individuals, from different parts of the world. All webinars were facilitated by world-renowned faculty, including some renowned industry experts like Michael Proffitt, the former CEO of Dubai Logistics City (DLC) and a member of the Management Board of Dubai World Central (DWC) and Dr LeRoy Graw, the president of the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI), giving the participants an insight into the emerging best practices.

Blue Ocean continues to garner more and more positive Google Reviews

The constant support and positive feedback from the student community is the driving force behind Blue Ocean Academy’s success. In fact, it is one of the very few training institutes in the Middle East that has received more than 1000 positive Google reviews.

The Awards

Blue Ocean Academy has built an enviable reputation in the Middle East through several success stories. Over the years, the Academy has won several accolades and awards in recognition of its skills to impart sound knowledge to the students. In 2020, Blue Ocean received the following awards:
  • 2020 IATA Regional Top Performing ATC (Accredited Training Center)
  • GFEL Top 100 Leaders in Education- Dr Sathya Menon- CEO of Blue Ocean Academy
  • GFEL Top 50 Organizations in Education

Dr Sathya Menon honoured with CIPS Fellowship

Dr Sathya Menon, CEO of Blue Ocean Academy, was recently recognized as the Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (FCIPS), the highest grade of CIPS membership. This esteemed qualification from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), UK recognizes and honours procurement professionals who attain an  outstanding level of achievement, knowledge and experience in procurement and supply, along with passion and determination to advance the profession for the public good. It also elevates the awardee, Dr Sathya Menon, to an exclusive group of elite professionals who have made valuable contributions to the advancement of the profession. The FCIPS certificate was awarded to Dr Sathya Menon by Mr. Sam Achampong, the Regional Head and General Manager of CIPS in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. The fellowship stands testimony to Dr Menon’s exceptional efforts for the development of the profession and encouraging individuals to learn and implement the best practices in the industry. A trailblazer in procurement and supply chain education in the Middle East, Dr Menon is also the recipient of fellowships from prestigious international bodies like the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), UK and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK.

Relaunching Blue Ocean Loyalty (BOL) program

Blue Ocean Academy is relaunching the popular Blue Ocean Loyalty (BOL) program for its students. As per the new referral program, a student will get AED 250 when he/she refers a friend. So, instead of the points system or conditional discounts, it will be an instant cash redemption.

Upcoming SHRM Virtual Conference

Blue Ocean will be associating with SHRM for the 2 Day-SHRM Virtual Conference SHRMNxT2020 which will be held on 23rd and 24th November 2020. SHRM NxT 2020 is more than just a conference. It is two days of learning and inspiration. With more than xxx delegates expected to attend this virtual Conference, it is a great opportunity for the HR community to come together virtually and reflect on the lessons learned from this past year and share some insights and perspectives as we all prepare for 2021. The Conference has learning sessions featuring of some of the world’s leading HR thought leaders and HR Heads of leading corporates from the region. Masterclasses have been designed to give practical knowledge that attendees you can immediately put into practice. Participants can also obtain some event-exclusive re-certification credits/PDC's, just by simply attending the SHRM NxT 2020 Conference and meet their peers to collaborate and hear new ideas. Some of the prominent speakers of the event include well-known HR experts like Marshall Goldsmith, Johnny C Taylor, Josh Bersin, Ron Kaufman and John Sanei.

Blue Ocean in News

Blue Ocean has always been featured in the mainstream media in the Middle East for its outstanding efforts in supporting the individuals to continue learning in tough times. The Academy recently made headlines in the leading newspapers of the Gulf including Gulf News, Khaleej Times and Gulf Today for its achievements including its CSR activities.

Every crisis is a lesson

“The true test of leadership is how well you function in crisis”. As rightly reflected in the quote, the crisis created by Covid-19 was an opportunity for organizations to show how they are different from others. There was no model to follow and the only way was to go ahead and make best use of the available resources The past seven months have proved that when every member of an organization works confidently towards one goal, nothing can stop them from achieving success. That was the most significant lesson learned by us during the last 7 months as Blue Ocean Academy continues to grow from strength to strength. Stay Safe.
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